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Freedom in Five Minutes

Oct 30, 2018

Does yourself hold you back from doing something because
you're just waiting for the right time?

Or are you that person who's always looking for that single moment to do the things that you wanted the most in your life?

There is never a perfect time for you to take action. If it feels
right, get started on it today.

In this episode, see how simply making that decision would have the potential of some massive results.


Automated Transcript Below:

Dean Soto 0:00
Hey, what is up and welcome to the freedom in five minutes podcast. I am your host Dean Soto, founder of freedom in five and Pro And today's topic is there is never a perfect time. That and more coming up.

Alright so awesome another day, another podcast. fantastic, fantastic. So today and today's topic comes as a result of a couple of different things but let's just start with the story about my YouTube channel, about our YouTube channel, about the freedom in five minutes YouTube channel. Well okay, how do I want to get into this? Because I have there's, there's so many things that have happened throughout these, these last few days. I, I think I'm actually do a couple stories that, that kind of show the importance of this lesson.

So, the first story is the YouTube channel. Okay, I can tell you that I have podcasted many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many times on different podcasts. And so to do this right now is actually really easy. When I first started, it was so hard. It was like, like it was so hard and it probably sounded like this. Yes, welcome to the freedom in five minutes podcast, the podcast where we talk about making five minute decisions and, and, and, and you get my point. It was, it was definitely like that. If I go look back at my old podcast, I had a couple of different podcasts in back in the day. Well, the cool thing is that you get better, you get better every time you do something.

And so that being said, because I have done multiple, multiple, multiple podcasts, I have gotten a lot better. You don't hear too many ums, you might hear so and, and, but that's even, that's something that I'm working on as well. However, with being in front of a camera, oh my goodness, it's so strange and so awkward. So the, so earlier today, earlier today, I was in one of my offices, and it was, it was interesting because I'm sitting there, I pop the, the phone on the desktop that's there and I have it pointed toward me. And I'm just, I just go for it. I just go right into the topic, which was the same topic as this particular thing right now, but I was talking about a different story, which I might mention in the podcast and just look in a little bit. Well, as I'm doing the video, a strange thing happens. I, in my mind, I'm thinking that I'm talking too fast, that I'm kind of going all over the place with my voice going up high and down low and changing pitch and doing everything that I normally do with a podcast. Well, however, upon review, I go and check out my video. As I'm driving home, do not tell the police, do not tell my wife, do not tell the highway patrol or anybody else who could potentially give me a ticket. But I was watching myself on the way home and listening to myself and oh, my gosh, was I so boring, so boring. And as I'm seeing what I'm doing I'm looking away from the camera a lot. I totally remember looking into the camera multiple times. However, I've, when I looked at myself doing it I realized I was looking away from the camera, a ton. Crazy, crazy, crazy. As cray cray. It's crazy in the sense that you think one thing and it ends up being another way.

Well, why is that? Well, it's because I chose, despite being very uncomfortable, the very, very, very uncomfortable with being in front of a camera. With it pointed directly at me. I chose to go for it. I chose to go for it. And I know, I know deep down, I know, it's I know that I'm going to suck. I know. I just know it because I sucked when it came to podcasts, and I probably still suck, you're probably going in thinking, man, this guy. His voice is really annoying. And he's going up and down and all this other stuff that I learned over time on how to do, on how to do a podcast and how, and how to speak into something like this where it's just audio. And well there is no perfect time. There is no perfect time to get started doing something that's meaningful to you. Something that's gonna to put you in a potentially bad light. It's going to, anything that where it's going to be risky, where you're gonna put yourself in front of a lot of other people. There is never a perfect time. Whether it's public speaking or blogging or starting a business or doing a podcast or doing a YouTube channel, there is never a perfect time.

What I talked about in the YouTube channel was, if you go to, if you go to YouTube and you type in freedom in five minutes, you can check out, check that out. You can even see my boring video on there is never a perfect time. The, the topic that I talked about in that was a story of how I, how, because I live in the country and I'm 30 minutes away from the gym, I have hesitated going to the gym, and I got to my most heavy weight I've ever had in my entire life within the last 12 months. I was probably around 220 or 230. And I've never been that, that heavy at all. And this is not muscle babies. Baby, baby, baby., I just called you baby, sorry. This is not muscle, ladies and gentlemen, this is pure 100% Grade A American fat right on my buttocks and stomach and chest and all over this body.

However, I didn't wanna do anything about it. I would do these bodyweight exercises that made me feel good and yada, yada, yada. Long story short, I joined a thing called Wake Up Warrior, where it kicked my butt and I realized, oh, I actually have to do something. Okay, I guess I'll do it. And I started doing these, doing more exercise in the morning, but I wasn't getting the results that I needed to get. And there was an incident with my wife while we were at Costco where I basically felt like I was a fat, fat, fat, fat, fatty and I needed to do something about it. Well, it was interesting because yet again, it was not the perfect time. I was fat. I haven't been to the gym. I hadn't, hadn't been to the gym in a, in quite a long time. And when I got there, I was embarrassed. If you've ever been to the gym when you were out of weight, it is very embarrassing. As probably one of the reasons why if you are currently out of, out of, do I say out of weight, out of shape. If you are currently out of shape, you're one of the reasons keeping you from the gym, which was keeping me from the gym, was the fact that you're out of shape, and you get there. And all these big muscle bound guys are there looking like beasts, and here you are with some men boobies, or, you know, a spare tire, ladies, whatever it might be. There you are, and you are just trying to survive the 30 minutes to an hour that you are doing. Well that's the way I felt when I first went.

And once again, however, I noticed that after going consistently, I have never, ever been able to lift the amount of weight that I'm lifting now. Even when I was deployed to Kuwait and I worked out pretty much every day for a year and a half. I have never, ever, ever lifted as much weight as I do now. I mean, I'm doing, I think my max was 55 pound dumbbells before for doing chest exercises on the flat bench. And now I'm doing 70 and I'm thinking, what the heck, and I'm looking beefier, at least in my chest and arms. I still need to get rid of the fat around my stomach. I'm looking beefier than ever. Holy crap. Why is that? Hmm? Whoo. So cool. Seriously, I was like, What the heck is going on? But I realized this is and if you're a health nut, I don't know if this is true or not. This is just my anecdotal experience. But the reason I'm beefier is because I was much fatter, is bad. But I had of, I had a lot more weight already on me that all of that is transferring to muscle. I was also eating a lot of protein. And I was eating, I, I was probably eating more protein when I was deployed. But the thing was when I was deployed to Kuwait, I had lost, I went from 210 down to around 180 in a few months doing CrossFit and so I got really skinny and really ripped but I think because I lost all that weight. It didn't, I couldn't get, I couldn't build a lot of muscle. I couldn't build a lot of muscle in the way that I wanted to. And now it's just, it's just, whoa, it's just happening. But I think it's because I already had a lot of weight on me to begin with. So, the fact that I started at a totally inopportune time, a time where I felt that my fattest, my most vulnerable, I felt like I was gonna be the laughingstock of the gym. The fact that I did that and continues, continuously went ended up being the most amazing, the most amazing experience because now I realize I can lift more weight now than I could ever before and I feel fantastic.

So, there is never a perfect time to make that decision. You just have to make the decision. You have to make it, you have to do it. Just do it. Just make the decision and get the feedback. I got my feedback from this decision from going forward and trying it for a little while and now I'm just, oh, it's awesome. It's crazy. It's always good when Marissa, it's always good when Miss Marissa says, oh, I can really see your in, your arms look great in that shirt. Yeah, I haven't got that, haven't gotten that in literally nine, eight or nine years. So the, the, the fact that I started when it was not the perfect time was the perfect time.

So what are you doing right now? What are you procrastinating on right now? Because it's not the perfect time? Is it a business because you don't know how to set up your LLC and your taxes and all this other stuff? Is it the story that you've been wanting to write forever, it's, then you, you just don't know how to get a publisher or how to write in Microsoft Word or whatever it might be. What is the thing? Maybe it's hiring new employees, maybe it's hiring virtual staff. I have a ton of clients who are afraid to hire people overseas because they have no idea how to do it. And so I do it for them. The what, what is going on right now? What do you have right now that you're just waiting on the perfect time? You're waiting on the perfect time. And if you, if you were to simply make the decision and see where that decision takes you, you would have the potential of some massive results.

So, I want you pick one thing, and I want you to make a decision and start seeing the feedback on that decision. Start seeing this, seeing the feedback on that position. Get started on it, see what happens. If you see great results, fantastic, keep going. If you don't, great, now you can stop and you don't ever have to think about it again. What's that one thing you can do right now that you're literally just waiting for the perfect moment? But guess what, the perfect moment will never happen. That you literally just need to make the decision right now. Find that one thing. And you can even shoot me an email at or, I'd love to know your results.

Alright, this is Dean Soto with freedom in five Go check that out. You can get some secret episodes that I did not release at all to anybody else. As well as join the community and get some pretty amazing emails that have exclusive content daily that will give you tips to kick you in the butt to motivate you, to get you moving in making decisions that can change your entire life.