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Freedom in Five Minutes

Nov 11, 2019

"If everyone else is doing it, there must be something to it, right?"

We all tend to easily get carried away by listening to other people without first analyzing things on our own.

But, should we keep blindly following the crowd?

In this episode, Dean talks about how the traditional way of doing things might actually be compromising your system in your business and why questioning yourself why you're doing things a certain way is very important in getting your desired results.


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Dean Soto 0:00
Hey, this is Dean Soto founder of freedom in five minutes calm and pro slim, calm And today we're here with another freedom in five minutes podcast. Today's topic, is this

getting better results by doing things differently than everyone else. That more coming up.

Oh, well, well, well, we are back with another episode. This is absolutely fantastic. Wonderful. I'm out on a walk with Luna.

Tomorrow I'm going to be traveling

And this wasn't just with me, there is somebody in our family, I'm not going to in our extended family. I'm not going to name any names, but they're very near and dear to us. Who didn't who was not on board with natural remedies for sicknesses, eating healthy, all of that other jazz. And it's interesting because this person, this person, I, you know, I would expect it to be but, but they grew up in a

Oh, Scott spiral spider web tarantulas are coming out now. So that should be interesting. Anyway, um, so they, so it was interesting because but they lived in a generation where it was Word doctors are were very trusted. Right? You trusted your experts. It's funny because there was, it was an anti authoritarian generation of the 60s and 70s. That for whatever reason now trust all the all of the authorities. I've never found I've never understood why that is, but it just is. It's It's such a weird, weird thing. But anyway, all that being said, it was this anti generation that love the anti anti authority generation that now loves authority. And so, so this person had some medical issues going on high cholesterol, very, very high blood pressure, all these things that we're going to possibly lead to some really bad stuff. So, so they went to the doctor and the doctors prescribed them pills right. Doctors and there's nothing wrong with doctors at all. I'm not I'm not I'm not against doctors, right? I'm not against doctors what I am against is the blind, the blind, Hey, take this pill for this take this pill for that take this pill for this you have this doesn't send them okay? Take that pill for that just kind of the blind throwing of Big Pharma and you know, where the doctors are just, you know, Hawking these pills because it's kind of the latest and greatest thing. Right now, I'm not going to get into any type of political discussion or anything like that, but I just found this interesting because so the doctor did that exact same thing. Right. The doctor went and did the whole did the whole a. Okay, you have all of this stuff. Okay, here's these pills. Well,

she was supposed to take these pills. I want to say for a couple months. Before they, before they got a checkup, she went back and got a checkup. And when and also, when I just totally lost my train of thought I was looking at an anthill. Anyway, you get to lose your train of thought too. That's the way how this works if I lose my train of thought you lose it too. Alright, so, so anyway, she, so she's taking these pills there, it's going good, it's going well and and so on so forth. And, you know, it's not making her feel very good. It's making her feel kind of crappy. And so my, my wife's like, well, you should, you should take this for this and you should take this for this and you should take all these natural remedies for all of the things that she is that this person is complaining about, and is going to this doctor about

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This and so long story short, this person's checkup comes and keep in mind this person's like Yeah, yeah yeah okay yeah sure sure sure. In her in her very sweet loving way she's like yeah I don't know I don't know about that which craft that's just silly that's great craft there's no that's oh yeah you're gonna eat this magical Berry and this berries gonna make you not sick anymore huh okay what do you call this berries? blueberries Oh what a book? Yeah right so anyway, time goes by she finally actually starts listening to my wife and does the natural thing because that because the pills are making her feel like crap and once she does hmm after a while she's starting to feel pretty good pretty nice Everything is going great. Then after that, what happens? Hmm I'm, I go to my doctor, this is what happens. She goes to her doctor. And lo and behold, all of her all of the things that they were measuring for are perfect. And the doctor doctor literally looks at her and goes, huh, I was gonna raise your prescription like literally, this guy goes to her and tells her that without even looking at her without even looking at anything, he had already planned to raise her prescription. I was going to raise your prescription essentially because I know this thing, you know, as people were on this, that's all good. That's what normally happens. But uh, but everything Great keep doing what you're doing. So we, we get a text from this person saying I am a believer, it works. The natural stuff works is amazing yada yada, yada, yada, yada. All right. And so this because this person decided not to listen to the authorities not to do what everyone else was doing not to just blindly take whatever it is the authority wanted her to take. She is doing amazing and feeling amazing. So what's the point of this? Is it that we shouldn't listen to people who are in authority or or know more than us know. However, You have to use your own brain. But more importantly more importantly you there there are things but look, if you were to go is saying you've been eating like crap. So you've been eating like crap for years and you got sick and you want to start taking natural remedy the likelihood of it it actually working is going to be very low. The natural remedy for the most part, why? Because your system itself has been compromised. Okay, if you're eating like crap if you're basically eating dog food from places like McDonald's and, and Burger King and all these other places or even just half of foods, we'll just call them half foods where they have you know, all this other crap filler that's inside of them, your gut, your your stomach is being compromised, which then compromises everything else in your system. Ok. So the beauty of the, the the pill industry is that all the symptoms you have these pills are able to essentially mask or alleviate the symptoms, these nasty feelings that you're doing, but at the same time, everything's still compromised. Okay? And so here's the real point behind this is that in a lot of ways, your system not just your health system, but your system in your business is compromised. You have been led to believe that your business should run a certain way you should hire certain people you should bring on new software you

should have this type of margin, you should have all of these things because that's what everybody else does or what everybody else has. And so immediately your system is compromised.

And so when you start listening, because that is the traditional way of doing it, if you run a restaurant, this is how you run a restaurant. If you have a franchise, this is how you run a franchise. If you have a packing company, this is how you run a packing company. If you have that in your mind, and you just blindly follow then you end up into areas. One, you end up being like everybody else. Which maybe in some circumstances, that's great. If everyone else's a trillion they're great. Doesn't happen quite often. Or you end up dead or depressed. Your Business wise right now, in your life, in your business, what are you doing? That is the result of simply listening to other people. No research on your own, no innovation on your own. It's simply because that's the way it is. I challenge you to relook at everything that you're doing in your business and ask yourself why am I doing this? Why am I doing this? I have a friend who is also a client. They met from Cameron Orland supply His biggest competitor has hundreds of people. Hundreds of people he does close in revenue. And it's him, his wife, few sales people, his VSA that he has from freedom five minutes and personal. And a couple of drivers. That's it. That's it. And he rivals his competition because he didn't follow what they said or what the interest he says. You need to follow.

Dean Soto freedom in five minutes. Go check out freedom in five minutes calm or check out the master class. There. Go check out everything on there and it may just change the way you look at your business. Alright, freedom environments calm. I will see you in the next freedom in five minutes episode