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Freedom in Five Minutes

Nov 12, 2019

Yes, it is! Every little thing is provided for you, surprised?

In this episode, you'll learn how great God is, how He cares, how He loves us, and how he provides no matter how small or insignificant it is.

Whether you are Christian or not, whether you believe in God or not, this is the podcast for you.


Automated Transcript Below:

Dean Soto 0:00
Hey, this is Dean Soto founder of freedom in five and Pro, and we're here with another freedom in five minutes podcast episode. Today's topic is this, every little thing is provided for you, that and more coming up.

Well, good morning from beautiful Huntington Beach, California. On travel, gonna be speaking at some WeWorks down here in Newport Beach, Irvine, Irvine, at Irvine Spectrum and yeah, it is a great morning. It’s about 9 o’clock so everyone is done with the public school rush. That’s crazy, it’s, it’s, it’s, the, I’d almost forget. Sometimes the, you know, we did a homeschooling thing and so, so there’s certain times that you don’t wanna be out in about. One of those times is when you’re in a public school or actually, when everyone is taking their kids to school and it’s only, it’s on really a rush hour in the morning and there’s this car who’s going all over the place so you can barely, barely even do a podcast coz they’re just constantly driving by.

Anyway, I don’t know why we’re on that hinget. So, so Monday, I spent the day, took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese. Little education field trip there, Chuck E. Cheese. Make them do some economic business and different things that going, you know get tickets and spend, consume and produce, consume and produce, let’s go, let’s go, let’s get the skills up, right? They can, they can have some fun, get some tickets and then get a reward. How creative, how creative and then when you have add five of them, five of them at the time. So all those five had to barter and trade and see who was gonna do, who’s gonna get what at the very end. So I, so, so the reason why we’re down there is we went, we were gonna go to a, we were gonna go to the Pumpkin Patch and we got to the Pumpkin Patch around 1:30 pm and the guy said, even though the Pumpkin Patch was open, the guy said that the rides at the Pumpkin Patch were not available till about 3 or 3:30 at the latest. And so had to figure, we’re down, we’re down the city anyway. It takes about 45 minutes to get there and so I wasn’t gonna just sit there and wait for 2 hours, right?

Well, so I’ve decided, hey, let’s go to Chuck E. Cheese. So, we went to Chuck E. Cheese, had a, had a blast there and then we went to the Pumpkin Patch. Now, my oldest boy, Zoren, he, he really wanted to go on the first when we, when we finally got back to the Pumpkin Patch. I mean he has been talking about it for the last 2 weeks every time. He’s like, oh there’s the Ferris wheel, there’s the Ferris wheel, oh I love the Ferris wheel, Ferris wheel, Ferris wheel. And so, I got, every ride there is one ticket and I believe it’s like $4 per ride or something like that or $2 per ride. Anyway, whatever it was I got, I got enough for all 5 of them to do 5 rides. They had a big, big slide, they had airplane, little airplane things for the kids. The little cars that go around. They had the Ferris wheel. They had a couple of other bigger, big, more big rides and so it, none of the, the little, the, the thing that I didn’t really account for was me. I did not buy tickets for myself and I totally forgot that they, they were not going to let my kids go on the Ferris wheel without me being present, at least the younger 3 that I had and then my older 2, my, my, my older daughter was not wanting to go on the Ferris wheel because cos it’s was just soaring, cos she’s scared. So all that being said, due to as complications in who went on what rides, we did not have enough tickets to go on the Ferris wheel together and Zoren, super, I mean he was so good. He was, he was disappointed, obviously but he wasn’t throwing a tantrum or anything like that. But you can tell, he was just extremely, extremely disappointed. And so, so I was like, what do I do. We literally have no more tickets. So, we have like, I wanna say we have like 3, 3 tickets left. So I gave those tickets to my younger kids. They went on some, some of the younger rides and we literally had zero tickets left and they also found, they also met this one girl named Brooke who, who was the cousin of one of the ride operators and she give, she, she had her own tickets and so they were going on some rides with her and. And so, this, long and the short is, we basically had no tickets, and Brooke had no tickets either and there was just. It’s just, the Ferris wheel was not gonna happen. And my son, Zoren was highly disappointed. Super, super disappointed. So caveat before you freak out. I am Christian and so I believe that God wants to give us good things all the time and no matter how, how small or insignificant it might be because he is everywhere at every point in time and he is a good father, he wants us to have a good time. Just like any good father would. The, so I’m like, in my, my, in my mind, I’m like dude, Lord alright, alright Lord if you want, if you want us, then if you want Zoren to go on the, the Ferris wheel, you’re gotta have to make it happen cos I’m not gonna go back and spend with, I mean we’d just spend a ton of money at Chuck E. Cheese. We just spend a ton of money with, with the, the Pumpkin Patch and I’m just, I’m just not gonna go, you know, I’m not gonna go do that, cos we can always wait till next week, when the rest of the kids cos 2 of my other kids can’t go because they were sick. We could always wait till next week.

Well, about 5 minutes later, mind you, this is for 7 people if I’m including myself. 5 minutes later, we’re standing next to the Ferris wheel, Zoren comes up to me and says, hey, look dad I found 2 tickets and they were these yellow tickets and, and the tickets we had were white. And I’m thinking, Oh, maybe those won’t work but I’ve looked up and I saw people holding yellow tickets now so that must be that could do tickets that they, they had. He found 2 tickets that were on the ground, just sitting there, that’s 2 tickets. About a minute later I guy comes over to my, my oldest daughter and or not my oldest daughter, my older, my older daughter that was there, second oldest daughter. Comes over to her, says hey we’re, we’re gonna go, we don’t need this anymore, there’s 4 tickets. So that’s 6 tickets but we also have Brooke, right? So, the, Brooke is, is, is hanging out with us and I don’t it, like I’m looking at her and I’m like, wow, we have enough tickets for our family. We haven’t enough tickets for you and so I felt bad. I’m like yeah, I’m not gonna like that for, that would be pretty messed up and. And then so, Genevieve looks down on the ground and sees a, just a, a ticket with a tiny piece ripped off of it. Looks down on the ground and finds that out of all places, grabs it. We have 7 tickets. We’re all able to go on to the Ferris wheel, all of us. So, it was 3 in one cart and 4 in the, just 3 in one cart and 4 in the other, and had a blast.

And so, why is this important? Well, you know, whether your Christian or not, whether you believed in God or not, you know, He exists. And He cares about you and loves you and wants to provide for you. Just like a good father provides for his sons and daughters. And, and even in the little things, cos the first thing I thought about it, in my mind, I’m like, why would God even care about this. This is so like, really well why would God care about this? Because to Him and I know this is, this is not a full business thing, but, it’s not a business topic but it really is. Like it, this is, this is part of the spirituality side of things, right? You know, you have your body, you have your health, you have your business and you have your family and then you have your spirituality, right? So, and if you don’t have that, you’re just a one, one-dimensional guy or one-dimensional girl. And so, I’m like, why is He care about this? Like, that, that was a temptation, right? Why does he care about this? When He could worried about other things. Well, He’s everywhere at the same time. So, to Him, when He’s with you, doing stuff. He, as, as if you’re the only one who exists and, and anybody else that is around the world, it’s just that as if they’re the only one who exists and it matters to Him for whatever reason. So, just go with it, just go with it. There are times where we struggle, that He, that He seems like He’s far away. There’s times when, when we’re, when, like this, where we seems like He’s really close for whatever reason. I don’t know exactly why but that’s just the way it is and so it’s important because when you realize that someone actually cares about you, and wants, and wants the best for you, it makes a world of difference. Especially when that person is the creator of the entire world and the entire universe.

Alright, this is Dean Soto, founder of freedom in five Go check out freedom in five minutes. Five minutes a day and you can offload everything, just about in your life and I will catch you in the next freedom in five minutes episode.