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Freedom in Five Minutes

Nov 18, 2019

No man is an island. Each one of us needs a partner in life, may it be for business or in relationships. We need a partner because there are things that we are not good at. It is a give-and-take relationship so long as it is a win-win situation for both of you.

Dean Soto has personally experienced the need for a partner in his business. Let's all listen to this podcast episode recounting his experience with having amazing people as a partner.


"Automated Transcript Below:"

Dean Soto 0:00
Hey, this is Dean Soto founder of freedom in five and pro sulim calm. And we're here again with another freedom in five minutes. podcast episode. Today's topic is this, how to partner with amazing people. That and more coming up. Oh, man. So back in the day when I first started my business, I was working 50 6070 hours a week. And part of the reason was I was trying to wear all the hats, right? I at the time, I didn't really know how to do this. Some of the stuff that we do now like with the virtual systems architects and with outsourcing and systems and all other stuff, didn't have any of that and so I I found myself just constantly, you know, I'm the one marketing I'm the ones doing sales. I'm the one posting, posting on at the time posting on Craigslist doing whatever I could. And then obviously, when I got a customer, or, or I got a client, I had to be the one doing all the work and doing all the projects and doing all that stuff. Right. Well, the thing is that, that after a while, I started seeing, not just that I was spending a lot of time on stuff. One thing that I started seeing very quickly, I mean, it was night and day I it was without a doubt. I could see really quickly that I sucked at certain things, or at least, at least at the time, I wasn't very good at certain things. So for me, it was marketing promotion, things like that. Especially like public relations, PR type stuff. Very difficult for me to do. And you might hear an echo I'm actually behind in like this alleyway. Wow, my son's doing some martial arts. Anyway. So I started seeing very quickly that some of that stuff was stuff that I really didn't even want to do in the first place. Right. And so not only did I was I'm not was not doing well with it, it just stuff that I didn't want to do in the first place. And so so after a while, once I started, I started doing things more online, I started getting more and more into more scalable things. One of the things I ended up doing was partnering with somebody who, who needed what I had, what I could do, so I was really good at building infrastructure, really good at building systems, operations, things like that. He was at the time selling on Amazon. And so I started partnering up real good and what happened was, while he was good, he already had it. He already had a crowd. He already had an audience. He already had a whole bunch of things like that, but he didn't have the website he wanted basically wanted, he wanted to sell stuff online, different courses teaching people how to sell on Amazon. And he didn't have a means to do that. And so it worked out really well because I knew how to do that I knew how to use WordPress and how to use Click Funnels, all this other stuff that was available at the time. And we started making a lot of money together. And it was cool because I was working way, way, way, way less and making a lot lot lot lot more money to the point where I was able to leave my job at the time. And so with that being said, With all that being said, the the the cool thing about it was that he had skills that I was not I just didn't get the time I just didn't want to do, I probably could have and it's interesting because I i would i would say I could have But it was just stuff that I didn't want to do. And so it made it super easy on my end because I enjoyed building out the operations and stuff, right. So we had that going on at the time. And eventually that partnership faded. And another partnership spawned, which was based around a piece of software. And that partnership was actually the opposite where I started doing a lot of the marketing the person who created the software, it ended up being kind of more of a three way type partnership person who created the software. He just wanted to build and build and build that end of the things. And then my buddy Brad wanted to he was doing a lot of the offer creation creating of of different offers. And in that particular situation. I knew that

I knew that our business model with That piece of software was not was not optimal. It was it was just not working out. And so I knew that we could offer it because basically it was like a month to month type thing. The software had a bunch of different features and so on. And I thought, you know, what if we did an annual, we did an annual type thing. And my buddy Brad, he went and created the offer, the the annual offer. I did, I did the emails for to that. And lo and behold, in a matter of a weekend, we, we did, we did six figures off of one launch over a weekend. And that was all because of different actually, you know, it was a four way four way partnership at the time because I was still with the other partner as well. I take that back. So it was a four way partnership at that time. And it was super easy it just it right away, right away. We were able to start capitalizing on that. And so. So what's the what's the whole point? Why am I sharing this story? I'm sharing this story because I'm serious sharing this story because a lot of the times, if you're doing something on your own, you can bring in if you want a quick way. And it's not always the case, you don't always want to do this and you don't want to give away your business. But you can do things where it's like sales or you can get a certain commission or things like that. But you can bring in a partner and essentially say, hey, if we do this thing together, that whatever it might be, I will give you x percent, I will give you x percent of commission, or whatever it might be, in fact, right now. With my virtual systems architect, I'm doing that with somebody who is absolutely amazing Mr. Paul Tran, who I've talked about in the past and and he is amazing at promotion, amazing business development. He is just phenomenal and he's been able to do in just just a few months what it has taken me a few years to do just on the business development side because that's where his strength lies, right? So he was a client of mine he's a friend and a client of mine and loved what was going on and it was like hey, I'm I want I want to evangelize this thing of what what you have with these virtual systems architects at freedom in five minutes, calm and pursue. com And so, so he and I partnered up and man, it has been amazing. We've been able to speak it. We were We've been in the franchise times we've been, we're speaking at spaces in not too long from now we're getting lots of lots of customers lots of partnerships things are super super just just meeting a ton of ton of people and the best part is we're helping so many businesses transform and do things in the new reality in the reality of, of being able to systemized your business being able to outsource everything in your business in five minutes or less in 30 days that you know, in less than 30 days if you do if you just spent five minutes a day doing our system, you can literally transform your entire business right and and we have so many people that are being affected in bed and are benefiting from this, that it's just, it is just an absolute monster of of a Change predominantly because of this partnership. So, all that being said, if right now, you're a one man show, and maybe you have a team, but you just you, I might, I would highly consider partnering with somebody in some fashion or another, whatever is a win win situation and start developing stuff based off of that partnership because there's a lot of times we'll you'll see, that's but that when you have somebody else who can pick up the slack where you suck, basically, you can completely transform your business almost overnight.

And obviously, like I said, you don't want to get rid of your equity or you don't want to do things that are going to take away from what you're already doing. But find a win win. And you can see some pretty amazing results when it comes to Partnering. So all that being said, Go Go give that a try. And then if you want to transform your business in 30 days or less, literally, it only takes five minutes a day, go to freedom in five minutes calm, or pro slim, calm, PROSULUM calm. And check that out and get in touch with me. We'll get on the phone and we will see if you're a good fit and help you to get your entire business, automated scaled and growing. And all it takes is five minutes a day. Five minutes a day. All right. This is Dean Soto freedom in five minutes and I will catch you later in the next freedom in five minutes podcast episode.