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Freedom in Five Minutes

Nov 28, 2019

Every customer wants to be valued and delivering a more personal connection makes a huge difference. 

In this episode, learn how to automate cold emails in mass that can build rapport, foster relationship and open up business opportunities.

If you want your sales and lead generation to become more powerful, this podcast is for you.


Automated Transcript Below

Dean Soto 0:00
Hey, what is up? It's Dean Soto, founder of freedom in five and Pro and we're here again for another freedom in five minutes episode. Today's topic is this, automating lead generation can still be personal. That and more coming up.

Good evening guys. Wow, this has been awesome. So this is a, so I'm down in Southern California and, in the Orange County area and we've been doing some talks at WeWork. The topic is on cold email lead generation and really neat, really, really neat topic. In, so, over here in Costa, so we're doing these talks in Costa Mesa and I was getting up and talk, I was, is interesting. So, the first time we actually even talked, talked about this particular subject had these real estate guys who were super. They, they, they were dressed super nicely, but they were also like checking their phone and, and so on and just kind of were not really engaging well in the presentation.

And so, so long and the short is that, so I asked this question, I said, Hey, you know, what do, what do buyers care about the most when someone's buying a service from you? What do buyers care about most? And so I started picking some people and so eventually I picked on these real estate guys. And the real estate guys were like, Oh, well, you know, they want you to know your stuff, the market, they want a value, they want all this other stuff, you know, right?

So, so as I'm as I'm like, yeah, that's great, that's great, that’s great. Sounds good. And I said, so I said, well, that those are great answers. But what if you know your market? What if you are able to deliver value and so on, but you are a jerk? And I did not use the word jerk, I use a much harsher word that I cannot say on here without it being explicit. But what if you're a jerk? Are they going to wanna work with you? More than likely they will not. Because they don't like you. So buyers, we people, because you're a buyer, I'm a buyer. We like working with people who we like, who we feel care about you, right? And so the more that you can give that feeling, the more that you can show that you actually truly care. The more that you, when you're reaching out in lead generation when they're reaching out in different ways. The more that you can, the more that you can convey that you truly, truly care about the person that you're working with. Plus, you're able to give them what they want and all the value and everything like that, the more powerful your sales and lead generation will become.

So, in this presentation, I showed that you can use cold emails in mass. Like you can literally automate and mass send out emails in a system and still make them personal, okay? And they can still show that you actually care about people. Now, it doesn't mean that you personally have to sit there and write a personal, you know, personal email, but that you can develop systems. You can do it in five minutes or less. We go to freedom, freedom in five or Pro but you can develop systems where your team or outsource team, or whomever you want can, can literally reach out to people in a systematic way. Import, you know, a spreadsheet full of just customized information into something like Close™ CRM or Mailshake or Yesware and send out cold emails that are extremely personal. So, in this presentation, I show, I show a couple of emails that I had sent the previous, previous week. And the emails will say, you know, hey, Eric, I saw you know, your blog post on 529s and saving for college. And I love where you say, where you say that yadda yadda yadda, whatever, whatever it might be. You see that’s personal and then the response back, I show the response and the responses of people who set up meetings because of it. To the point when they, where they want to have a meetup and said, hey, I'm so glad that you read the article before sending the email. That's really impressive.

And I'm like, Well, I didn't read the article. Well, someone on my staff did, someone that, that's, that's paid a lot less than I am. Who's super valuable, super amazing, but you know, arbitrage overseas, you know, overseas, they, they are the ones who did it, right?

And so, so I'm showing this and you, and people's eyes just and their jaws literally, literally drop. That you can create these massive systems that would normally people would just shoot thousands of emails that are completely unpersonalized and be marked as spam and, you know, end up, end up going into the junk folder. You can send these really high, powerful emails to the point where on average, we're getting about 50% open rates on our emails, which is unheard of even for warm emails, right?

So, why is this important? It's important because no matter what you're doing, in any setup that you have, when it has to do with business, people want to feel valued. The more that you can give value ahead of time, the more you will win, the more you will make sales. And so, just because you systemize something, just because you make it so, you, you make something that works with or without you. Something that works automatically does not mean you need to sacrifice that custom. That, that personal attention. What, what one of my mentors calls, Jermaine Griggs, he calls scaling personal attention. It does not mean that you need to sacrifice that. You can set up systems that truly meet people where they're at and give a ton of value on a mass scale. And the more that you can do that, the more you are going to make sales.

So what's one thing right now? How is your lead generation right now working? How, how are you reaching out to customers? Is it in mass or you’re just sending spammy LinkedIn messages? Or is it truly customized to people? That's what we want to see, right? That's what I challenge you to do this week is make something truly customized. Something that reaches out to people and something that is in a systematic format.

Alright, so, Dean Soto, freedom in five minutes. Go check out freedom in five You can also check out Pro, and get a virtual systems architect. A virtual systems architect that they could show how to do something in five minutes. They document the entire thing step by step, and then they do it for you. That is amazing. You never have to do it ever again, if you don't want to. You can literally outsource and offload and automate your entire business in five minutes a day in 30 days or less.

So, this is Dean Soto, freedom in five and I will see you in the next freedom in five minutes podcast episode.