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Freedom in Five Minutes

Dec 22, 2019

Bamboos are considered to be the most flexible grass in the world. Because of this, it just sways during storms and that keeps them alive and strong. And this applies to humans too.

Dean Soto shares his experience on how important flexibility is and the lack of it can bring a lot of pain over time.


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Dean Soto 0:00
Hey this is Dean Soto founder of freedom in five and pro silom calm PR o su lm calm and we're here again with another freedom in five minutes podcast episode. Today's topic is this lack of flexibility brings a lot of pain over time. That and more coming up. Good day Good morning. Good evening wherever you are as you are listening to this. It is a nice, chilly somewhat frosty morning here in California. Out with the Luna Mr. Out with the Luna my my beautiful big Connie Corso who is running around our property trying to find some mountain lions right now. Hopefully she does not because I don't know Want to be attacked by a mountain lion so uh so if you've been listening to this for a while you know that one of the things that I've been practicing for a bit has been jujitsu Jiu Jitsu, and that has been such an amazing saving grace for me something that I just I absolutely love I, I really can't get enough of it. It is it is such a fun and amazing sport that I just absolutely love it. However, over the past two weeks, I have not been able to do it. And it's, it's been it's been really tough actually. Because I am Jones and for it. I'm craving it. It's one of the only real things I do for exercise. And the fact that I'm not able to do it right now is is really really bothering me and the reason being is so over the I mean for the past I want to say few years gosh and when was the last time yeah I had yeah so it had to be maybe the last five or six years I would get these really bad lower back pains. So back in back, I want us I want to say was about five, five or six years ago I was I was doing squats I want to say was 220 pounds squats or something like that? Nothing like too fancy in and I was always good and my yes awesome. You know the get a great workout there was over at Anytime Fitness and in Southern California. And I was like, This is great. You know what I'm going to try and max out. I'm going to try and max out so I started adding weight and adding weight and anyway I want I want to say I got up to I've never been super great at weightlifting but I think I got up to like 260 or 280 which for me was was pretty dang good. So So I go and I I think I did like two or three squats and then at the very last one as I was trying to get get up to my max was trying to get to my max. I like I just felt a pop in my back I'm like, Oh my gosh, and so I was able to actually lift the the bar back up and put it back and put it back up. And I was like, oh, wow, okay, I'm gonna stop. And it didn't I didn't really feel anything at the time, but I obviously knew something was bad if you feel any type of pop or whatever. The next day, oh my gosh. I felt like I was literally gonna pass out. Whenever I stood up to walk, every time I stood up into a standing position, it felt like my, like my back was just being crushed it it was being it. As soon as I got flat on my back, it's still hurt. But man as soon as I got up, it felt like I was I was it was it was just getting crushed and and I could not do anything I would I could meet I could walk a walk to the bathroom and that was about it. And even if I sat down it's still felt like it was getting crushed. So that was not comfortable having to having to relieve myself which with no relief at all. So enough potty talk. So fast forward.

So during that time actually went to a chiropractor and the guy is like, well let me see your range of motion and and he was he was like dude, you are The most inflexible guy I've ever met. He was he was he was, you know, doing doing hamstring stretches and everything he's like, I'm pretty sure it's because you pretty sure it's not you didn't get like a slip disc or anything like that. Pretty sure it's because you are inflexible and it's doing something to your hips. And so I started doing some exercises, getting flexible, trying to get as flex more flexible, and so on and so forth and got adjustments and everything. And guess what, lo and behold, it was working. I wasn't feeling that pain anymore. And it was pretty awesome. So I started running, I started running as my primary source of exercise, so that I could kind of move my hips a little bit more and kind of get them all nice and flexible and everything like that. So I was kind of running long distance and doing stretches and and things were great things were fancy. pastic and I just kept on, kept on doing that. Well, a few years later. Same thing happened again, not not with the squatting or anything like that, but I just started feeling, man, my back is starting to hurt. It's getting all tight and everything like that. And then it started getting to the point was feeling like I was getting crushed. Yet again earlier this year, went to a massage therapist who was also a kinesiologists. And she said the exact same thing she's like, you have no flexibility whatsoever. And speaking of which, I stopped doing all the stretches and things like that beforehand and so made myself pretty inflexible. She's like, you really have no flexibility whatsoever you what's happening is your hips are getting out of place because of how inflexible you are. And so she started working on me and helped me ministry. Dratch and I went from feeling like I was gonna pass out again to, to going back to going back to being normal, right? Because I started doing all the stretches started doing everything I should do and at that time is when I started going back and going and starting jujitsu as well which made me flexible. And what did I do? What did I do after a few months, I stopped stretching. I stopped getting flexible again. And my body is very, very rigid. And so I stopped getting flexible again and lo and behold, what do you think happened? Lo and behold, what do you think happened? About two weeks ago? Two weeks ago, I I was down on my floor, not able to move anytime I got up I felt like my back was being crushed. And I missed out on several days of work jujitsu. I've missed out on a whole bunch of stuff. Stuff that I could have been doing with my family. It was horrendous again. And lo behold I went to, I went to the massage therapist, she helped stretch me out, I began my stretches again, I use an app called ROM WOD. rhomboid stands for rate range of motion workout of the day. And I love it is like 13 bucks a month or whatever, 14 bucks a month. I love it because it's just daily routines for for getting more flexible. And once again, I'm sitting, I'm walking, I'm here with you. I'm feeling great. I'm not 100% because I definitely have to get back to the flexibility that I was before but I'm able to move around and able to do things, right. Well, what was causing all this pain? what was causing all this suffering? Was it some major catastrophe where I broke broke my spinal column or, or because I have a slip disc or, or or because I have I have some kind of rare disease? No, it literally was because I was so inflexible. my hamstrings are tighter than a tight rope. They are crazy tight all the time. Right. And so,

it is it behooves me to be as flexible as possible because my body is literally telling me Hey, if you do not treat me well, if you do not, bend me around, and make sure that I am Little bit more limber. I will make you aware of how wrong things are in your body to the point where I will make you lay down on the ground for a day or two and be in a tremendous amount of pain. All of my pain and suffering came from the simple fact that I did not spend time becoming more flexible. Now, why is this important? It's important because very often, we in business, in life, with your family, with your spirituality, with everything, we become so inflexible, we become so inflexible and that causes a lot of pain, unnecessary pain. course there are things that you have to hold fast to, you know, if you're Christian, you have to hold fast to certain beliefs. If you have a family, you have to hold fast to certain things like you're not going to go and go and find, you know, a mistress. Hopefully, you, you are going to treat your family well you're going to you're going to treat your wife, your husband. Well, right you Those are hard, fast rules. However, often we don't listen well to our kids or our wife or our husband, or our spiritual director, or, or, you know, our business partner or our customers, right. We are very, very inflexible. In fact, in my business with virtual systems architects and My business, I get to deal with a lot of industries that are very, very inflexible simply because that's the way it's always been done in our industry. Right. So like clients like Matt from camera rock, he is amazing, because he's taken the oil supply industry and completely revolutionized it in using our RV essays. So that so that these v essays are able to do the work of other companies, you know, to, to V essays are able to do the work of what would be 20 other people in his particular industry, not just because of the V essays, but also because of different systems that that he's put in place. But the point is that he's become so flexible in not in not staying so and he's not so rigid that Well, because this is the way the industry's always done it, it's the way that we're going to do it. Right? He's been able to do that and completely thrive in his business. Right. And so this is where this is where even with your body, even in your with your health, your flexibility matters. My body is a perfect example of that because if I do not stretch, I will feel pain. So it's important that you are flexible in certain areas that you are flexible in what you do, because the more flexible flexibility you have, it doesn't mean you have to go and do everything that everyone says or any I just all these different ideas that pop up but it does mean to actually take them into account and think about them and go, you know, yeah, maybe we will implement that. Maybe we won't, we will, we won't, whatever it might be. The more flexible you are, the more success you're going to see. Right? The more success you're going to see. The more happiness you're going to have, the more health you're going to have. Imagine yourself at 8090.

And either your body's really limber, and you can hold your grandkids and you can sit with them, you can stand with them, you could do all those different things. Or you can choose not to be flexible and be in a wheelchair and, or, or not be able to bend over. Those are the realities and those realities are the same. With your body, your spirituality, your family, and your business, so become more flexible. So what's one thing this week that you can do to be more flexible? One thing that you can do to get out of the rigidness to get out of the coldness, the freeze that comes with being inflexible is Dean Soto with freedom in five minutes. Go check out freedom in five we have a lot of cool stuff over there. Business Process scorecard, we have a master class. If you want to systemize your business and automate your business in as little as five minutes a day. By using a virtual systems architect, someone overseas who is at a fraction of the cost of somebody, somebody here in the States, somebody overseas that can literally transform your business in five minutes. De go to freedom in five minutes calm or you can go to pro silom calm PR o su lm calm and I will see you in the next freedom in five minutes episode