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Freedom in Five Minutes

Jan 14, 2020

Often we stick our noses into other people’s business or personal lives. And most of the time, it backfires. We should stop that habit and have the courage instead to focus more on what we do best.

In this podcast episode, Dean shares his adventure on how Luna got sprayed by a skunk. Stay tuned!


Automated Transcript Below:

Dean Soto 0:01
Hey, this is Dean Soto founder of freedom in five minutes calm and pro sulum com And we're here again with another freedom in five minutes podcast episode. Today's topic is this don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong and you won't get sprayed by a skunk. That and more coming up

whoo It's so nice and foggy and crisp and amazing Here it is. It is in the evening here in the hills. And earlier this morning, my daughter comes to me and she says dad Luna Luna keeps on going to this rock so we're we're at we have a ton of granite right like literally tons of granite rocks all over the place and these rocks, they're huge. They make these huge kind of just huge rock formations. And I'll and a lot of the time you're gonna find little critters hiding in these rocks.

Well my daughter's like hey Lena Lena Lena will not leave this rock and she keeps on whimpering keeps on barking and won't listen to me and won't come back into into the house. And I'm thinking all right, there's obviously there's something there like some kind of there's, there's some kind of creature there that Luna is looking to devour or play with. She's pretty she's pretty good. She's not she doesn't really devour anything. She likes to play with things.

Well, I couldn't get my shoes on and we head on over to the rock formation. And Luna looks at me, it's like whoa, Masters come in. That's let's see what this thing is. Let's go Come on master. And so I go around this huge rock formation and keep in mind this is kind of going downhill so I have to climb over these rocks but then I go start going downhill. And there's this almost rock that if you've ever seen The Lion King, where the monkey holds up Simba when he's born and deems him The Lion King deems him there's Luna right there. deems him The Lion King. There's that rock that like his jag it out it's like, over looking the entire Sahara Desert over there.

Well, the I think I hear ya I hear my my baby just woke up. So this is going to be a short podcasts and I'm playing Mr. Mom today. So the the rock is jutting out. And so I'm looking underneath this rock and Luna goes along with me and goes ahead of me underneath this this rock and I see in this little hole, a black and white tail. And you know what that means? That Bay lip you Luna is whimpering and I should have grabbed her before hand but luna iss whimpering and she goes up closer than she had been going before and puts her paws on the tail sticking out because I was thinking is this thing dead it might be dead, puts the the paw on the tail, the thing moves and Luna shoots out of the out of that little hole and it is like And smells like skunk.

Oh, she got sprayed, she got sprayed by the skunk and had to stay out side most of the day. This is not the first time she's been sprayed, not the first time she's been sprayed. She stuck her nose where it didn't belong and got sprayed by a skunk. And why is this important? It's important because often we stick our noses in places where we should not be sticking it and we get sprayed as well. Whether it be talking smack on someone, whether it be whether it be doing something business wise. So like for example, in business, my team loves the fact that they have not just autonomy they have decision making skills well

We have, we have a we have basically a code in our business that that we are a manager, everyone's a manager of one. So you're able to make your own decisions, things like that, and everyone is able to do just about everything but for me, I don't run the day to day operations. And so very often when I try to stick my nose in the business that my staff is doing, often I get sprayed by them or by or by the client, right? They they will let me know right away that they got a handle that that or that I'm actually mistaken. And time and time again, that happens and it reminds me that okay, I'm going to focus on being the business owner. I'm going to focus on business development. I'm going to focus on strategic operations, I'm going to focus on things that only I can do.

Because the more I stick my nose into other people's business, including the people who work for me the I'm only going to do damage to them do damage to my business or do damage to myself. Right? So it's important to to have the courage to stick with what you know.

Hold on one second. Luna. Luna come Hey, no, no, no Come, let's go. She just went outside the gate. We don't go outside the gate. No, no. No. went inside. You're gonna take a nap.

All right, so, you're going to hear some echo in here. But we're right now. Are you sticking your nose where it shouldn't be long? The biggest thing right now? Where are you sticking your nose in where it shouldn't be long. Get in the habit. Get in the habit and have the courage not to do that and to trust the people that love you trust the people that work for you the trust the people that care for you. The more you do that, the more you're going to see that they are going that the that they are going to thrive when you worry just about the things that you should worry about is Dean Soto freedom in five minutes go check out freedom in five minutes calm if you want a virtual systems architect someone that you can choose you can show how to do something in five minutes and have them completely transform your business and work for you for less than what you would pay for a I don't I don't I was gonna say a cup of coffee. That's not true.

That but less than what you would pay someone here in the States. That is minimum wage, depending on where you're at. Go check out freedom. Go check out prosulum com and I will catch you in the next freedom in five minutes podcast episode