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Freedom in Five Minutes

Jan 18, 2020

In today’s modern world, we like things to come instantly. Because of technology, we can do things as fast as possible. We believe that our time is so valuable that spending time on something is almost impossible. But we have to remember that the trees that we have today didn’t grow in a day. We have to put in a lot of work if we want to achieve our goal because patience is a virtue.

Dean will teach us a lesson in this podcast episode relating to why trees don’t grow in a day. Stay tuned!


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Dean Soto 0:00
Hey, this is Dean Soto founder of freedom in five minutes calm and pro PROSULUM.COM. And we're here again with another freedom in five minutes podcast episode. Today's topic is this trees don't grow in a day. That and more coming up. Well hello, welcome back to the podcast. Nice to hear from you. Nice to see you What are you chickens looking at? I'm looking at some chickens that think I got you think I got some treats for your chickens ain't gonna happen. Once you come mix my compost over here needs you to mix my compost pile anyway. Not gonna mix my compost pile get get a step and so, back a couple episodes ago, I had mentioned that we had planted a whole bunch of treats and not just that I have a ton of raised garden bed. Actually, I should say four raised garden beds in a in a garden enclosure now. And the so they've got these raised garden beds also got a what's called a roof stout potato patch. And so what I've reached out potato patch is is essentially you take a whole bunch of straw, or mulch or anything like that, you put it on the ground, and you do it again, and you do it again and you do it again and you do it again and you do it again, you just have a whole bunch of mulch on the ground. And you put potatoes and you put potatoes at the very bottom of it and with with the water from the rain and everything like that, it should grow. It should all the water should, should be all trapped in there and the potatoes should grow. So as I was doing All of these things, one of the frustrations that I was feeling one of the frustrations that I was feeling because this is the first time I've ever done this, right. We've been here nearly three years. This is the first time I started venturing out into actually building a homestead and started gardening and, and things like that. I mean we have chickens, but planting is different. Right? planting something is it's a pain in the butt it from from, from my modern mind to wrap my head around. It's extremely difficult. And why is that? It's because I'm so used to the microwave. I am so used to that which we've gotten rid of we actually don't have a microwave, but we're so used to the microwave. And And once I've planted so I'll tell you all the things Is that I've planted so we have four raised garden beds right. One of those garden beds actually has seeds in them and has a we planted spinach, carrots, and I think broccoli and a couple of other things. The other garden beds don't have anything in it because we we put a bunch of bunch of organic matter in it and we're just waiting. I'm just waiting. That's my wife's thing. Okay, planted, I'm trying to create a food force as well. So planted a whole bunch of stuff in this area that has just a lot of lot of stuff going on already. And, and got 12 to 14 trees or something like that have all these things that I kind of listed before. Plus the rooster grind. Out of all of that work out of the out of the tons of work that has gone into into all of that so with the even with the food for us I sorry I had to go back to this because just to give you an idea, planted radishes in this food forest or your radishes, cantaloupe, radishes, cantaloupe, oregano, parsley, time, carrots, different types of carrots, different kinds of watermelon, whole bunch of different whole bunch of things, whole host of things beans, peas, I want to say All in all, we probably planted over 50 different things in the last few months. And what has been the major frustration what has been the thing that I literally have such a hard time with? It is the fact that I do not see quick progress at all. It's so hard.

I'm like Oh my gosh. Okay, so do I see do I see progress? Yes, that the spinach is growing and went from being super duper small to now it's now it's a little bit bigger. The carrot seeds went from being dirt to actually seeing the seeds starting to sprout, which is cool, right? But, but the trees we got it was it's it's wintertime as a recording this the trees well the thing that sucks about the trees is that they went dormant, right? So they're just sitting there doing nothing, at least as far as I can tell, which is of course not the case they're doing what they're supposed to do. But I want I want to see these things grow. Oh, the other thing. The other thing is that the brew stout potato patch. It actually shows that It's starting to show some some growth. It has some potatoes growing, which, which makes it so I'm looking at it going, go go faster. It is so hard man, I can tell you right now it is so hard for me to get a wave mosquito. It is so hard for me to look at this. Even though I see progress, even though I see these things to look at this, and I just like just come on already. Let's go. But here's the deal is that trees are not, they do not. They do not grow in a day. Right? Because we've also planted I've already direct seeded some persimmon trees, some plums, trees, some apricot trees and those ones Gonna take even longer than the ones that are planted that are saplings. But trees do not grow in a day. And so often, often we we take, we want to see these huge results, right in the beginning when we're trying to do something, we want to get the thing right now that's the way our culture is, let's get all of this as as quickly as possible, right? But there are times whether, especially if you're in sales, sometimes the sales cycle is two months, three months, six months, seven, maybe even a year. That'd be a really long sales cycle. But often we we don't do the things today. Now the That that will bring these the simple, simple little things like people. So our pro sulim clients, the ones who see massive success, the ones who see like massive results are the ones who take the five minutes a day to create the video that their virtual systems architect, their virtual assistant on superpower with superpowers does used to create the standard operating procedures and grow and everything like that the ones who the ones who simply want to say go do this thing and get a task. They actually see really poor results. Right? Because they go say they go go manage my social media account and give no direction, no clear process, no clear documentation, no nothing like that. They don't do the system. That even though the system takes five minutes is like planting a little seed even. It didn't take me long to plant seeds. The the system is there to allow you to plant these little seeds that once the documentations created, the person can go and do it without ever coming back to you to ask how to do something. They they're set up for success and and we just see Matt like massive like quadrupling revenue, you know that are the business owner spends like zero time doing any work on their business in like 30 days, 60 days, 90 days. Right. But those who want the tree, they want the fruit right away without doing without planting the little seeds. They lose more often than not. They lose, they lose. And so so this is where we really have to

look at See, are we willing to go with the season? Are we willing to go with the system? Are we really willing to? This is why, you know, when people go to, say, psychologists to fix their marriage, you know, they, they, the psychologist says, you know, hey, you know, it's going to be, you know, let's do this once a week for the next three months. And you need to he need to actually apply what we, what we're what we're actually doing during this thing. Those those who actually have success and see their marriage grow, typically, are the ones who follow the system, follow what the psychiatrist or psychologist says. Those who fail are the ones who go they go one week. They try it out, and they they get into a big massive fight. And they go, Oh, this doesn't work. I'm we're done and I go, there's this doesn't Work, I'm not going to do this anymore. Right? Not gonna do this anymore. And so so the, the big thing that, that I think a lot of us, especially in today's age, fail to see and fail to even have the habit of is seeding and waiting for those seeds to grow, knowing, knowing that, okay, if I want X amount of dollars in six months, these are the things I need to do now. If I want to have a happy marriage, these are the things I need to do now. Because when you start trying to get the fruit, so if I if you start trying to plant something right in, and you go, Hey, this isn't working and you dig up the tree. The next you dig up the seed as it's starting to sprout. What happens the whole thing dies there's no established route there's you try and you're trying to get the fruit but you end up killing the entire thing very quickly you know if it's if it's trying to save your marriage it's I this isn't gonna work I want good feelings now. I don't want to put in the work. I want good feelings now. The you run the risk of killing the entire thing, right? I want a business that automates that that has a standard operating procedures that everyone can follow that I can replace anybody at any time. And that that a somebody who wants to buy my business looks at and goes, whoa, this is a totally automated turnkey system, and I want it now. I just want to tell this person do do all these things. And and it's done. It doesn't work that way. I want a fit body I want muscles I want I want to look like a Greek god. But I want that by next weekend when you're 300 pounds, not gonna work. Trees do not grow in a day. And so the big thing is spending those five minutes a day, literally could be five minutes a day, planting those seeds, planting those things. Planting those new habits planting, planting the the standard operating procedures, planting the the the love notes to your wife or your to your husband. It's those things. Those things that over time you doing them will blossom into huge trees with amazing fruit that people will look at envy and be inspired by. I love you too big boy. You're gonna go with Jen. Okay, well she's coming back up right here. She's coming back up. She's right there. Alright, so freedom in five go check that out or go to prosulum. com if you want to virtual systems architect they are virtual assistants with superpowers to transform your business in 30 60 90 days into a fully automated system that you can sell at the highest price if you wanted to. You don't have to You can just enjoy your your business that works without you and makes you a lot of money.

Go check that out PROSULUM.COM and I will catch you in the next freedom in five minutes episode.