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Freedom in Five Minutes

Feb 10, 2020

In this podcast episode, we talk about how automation and scaling your business does not necessarily mean becoming impersonal with your clients.  It can be a way of showing love and appreciation to them.

Learn how systems and automation can help you create a foolproof customer experience where no customer will be left hanging.

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Hey! This is Dean Soto, founder of and We're here again with another Freedom In Five Minutes podcast episode. Today's topic is this:


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I Systemize Because I Love You. That and more, coming up.


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You gotta subscribe. Anyway, Luna is just running around. I'm out on my land. And let's get into this episode.


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I'm on the board of a particular ministry that does amazing, amazing work. They actually have grown so much in the last few years. To the point where their last conference that happened in January sold out. And they actually had to get more. They had to get more people in there. I think it was like 3000 people. And they had to figure out how they could get more people in there. It looks like it's going to be 6000 people this next year, which is great. The thing about this particular ministry is the person who heads it... One, he's a really good friend; and two, he has the mindset of really being a good steward of his money – of the money that's been entrusted to him. He is being a really, really good steward of that money.


Dean Soto  3:07  

If you're going to be a good steward of anything, you want to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck. You want to make sure that you get the most out of whatever it is you are spending. It could be money, it could be time. It could be anything. It doesn't necessarily have to be money. For example, if you have a homestead and you want to get as many eggs as you can out of your chickens while making them as happy as possible. Or with your parenting, you want your kids to get the most out of life without spoiling them. Different things like that. Well, this particular person is really good at utilizing his resources to maximum As much as possible,


Dean Soto  4:03  

I had a phone call with him. He uses VSAs from Pro Sulum and and he uses Virtual Systems Architects for his ministry. They do everything from reaching out to donors, to talking with new donors, to handling new people who come into the membership site that have content and everything like that. They do all the process documentation, all of that type of stuff. It's pretty amazing what they're able to do. And they have one guy. One guy. This one guy is handling so many different things. And it has been really helping the organization tremendously. And one of the things that I started sharing with my friend is that...


Dean Soto  4:57  

It was funny because he was talking about wanting to build the organization and scale the organization. But at the same time, he still wants to have that personal touch. He said essentially that, "If it grows, it's not going to be as personal, I know that but you know, I still want to do that as much as possible." And I rebuked him. I rebuked him and I said, "No, you don't have to get impersonal."


Dean Soto  5:41  

No. So I said, "You know what? It's quite the opposite. The cool thing is now we have access to so many different tools that literally would have cost thousands of dollars per month to be able to do. And we now have these tools at our disposal that allow us to be personal, but still have run a small-ish organization."


Dean Soto  6:17  

So I started talking to him, I'm like, "Look, my organization does everything from sending text messages to the handwritten cards in the mail, to gifts in the mail, to phone calls, voicemails and a whole bunch of different things. There's a whole mess of stuff that we do which completely wow our customers. It's because we're scaling."


Dean Soto  6:55  

It is what Jermaine Griggs calls – one of my mentors – we are scaling personal attention. It doesn't matter if we have one customer or if we have 1000 customers because of what we – the data that we gather – because of the information that we are able to use in cards and we're able to use to trigger different things. We're able to give a personal touch.


Dean Soto  7:28  

Even when we're we're a one person organization, a five person organization, a 10 person organization. We're able to touch thousands of people and continue to be profitable. At the same time, wow our customers.


Dean Soto  7:57  

And maximize the money and resources that we have. Okay, now is that because "Gosh, Dean, you're just so genius and that's why because you're the Freedom In Five Minutes guy. You're the Pro Sulum guy that has these Virtual Systems Architects where you can show them how to do something in five minutes. They document it and then you never have to do that thing ever again. You're that guy, right? That's why because you were born anointed. So that you may do this for other people." 


Dean Soto  8:34  

And I do this for other people. You know, sometimes it is. Sometimes, people just have a really, really hard time with that and they pay me several thousand dollars – tens of thousands of dollars to do it for them. But the vast majority of people can do it by themselves. They can do it themselves. A lot of the time, they are just doing one of two things: It's embracing constraints and seeing what you have and utilizing what you have. And then, seeing systems as a way of saying, "I love you," to your customers, and "I appreciate you."


Dean Soto  9:12  

A lot of the time, we think, "Well, my customers – the way that they will feel special and taken care of is if I'm constantly the one doing it." And it's true, in a sense, every now and then if you give a call, or you say, hey, I want to give you a free strategy session, just because you've been so amazing. That's totally fine. That's something that's completely true as well. And you know, they would appreciate that. However, the reality is just getting something in the mail – think of all of the different businesses that you do business with and think of how many times you have gotten something in the mail from them that wasn't an advertisement? Even something like a birthday thing?


Dean Soto  10:14  

You know, say you got a birthday card in the mail where it was like "Hey, happy birthday. You're gonna get 20% $20 off your next visit." It's always some dumb advertisement. It's something that's never just given to you. Imagine getting a box of cookies in the mail and a card that just said, "Hey, we thank you so much for being a customer. It really does mean a lot to us that you value us and that you are getting a ton of value from what we're doing. Just wanted to say thank you." And not asking for anything in return.


Dean Soto  11:02  

To me, that is something that goes so far right? And never happens and it costs you 10 bucks or 15 bucks?Maybe 20 bucks to do and you've already netted and profited from your client like $200 so 10% of that goes back to them just saying thank you.


Dean Soto  11:30  

Nobody does that


Dean Soto  11:34  

Nobody does that.


Dean Soto  11:37  

And so when I have my customers get something like that. They're like, Whoa, I've never had this happen before. This is amazing. Or A phone call like after they buy. Even if it's an automated one where it goes to their voicemail. They're like, "Whoa Dean called. That's amazing." You know, this is all possible you have Twilio. You have Thinkster you have all these different things. You have send-out cards. you have all these different things that you can use to trigger different things based on how much someone has bought and where they are at in the sales cycle. Where are they? As a client and customer, how many people have they referred to you? All of this type of stuff, right? And so, when you set up these systems, you automate the saying of I love you. You automate the saying of I value you as a client and a customer and it keeps it to where... because the personal is great. Don't get me wrong – in person, over the phone, that is great. But there are times when you or an assistant or whomever drops the ball. And now you have a customer who is just dangling there. We want to have people... We always want to make it a foolproof type thing. Okay. So all that being said, I really want to tell you the importance of this. The more systems that you can develop that thank your customers and tell them that I love you, the more you're going to get referrals. Man I my business is based off of referrals for the most part, and they are the best.


Dean Soto  13:58  

They come because of all these gifts and Stuff like that to happen and it comes because we have a great product obviously. No one's gonna refer if it's not a great product. But these gifts give the little nudges. These little gifts say I love you, it gives a little nudge to go, "Yeah, you know what? I really like these guys. I really want to have other people experience this as well." So what do you do? What system do you have right now that can say I love you and give that beautiful, wonderful personal touch, even though it might not be actually in person? 


Dean Soto  14:35  

So all right, this is Dean Soto. Founder of and I don't know where Luna is. She's somewhere lost in this area. I do not see her. So I'm gonna go and find her. So, all that being said, Go check out Go check out We got lots of amazing stuff there. And if you're ever wanting a Virtual Systems Architect and want to get to the next level. If you want to scale your business, want to grow your business and do it all in as little as five minutes a day. Go check out or There's the answer to Freedom In Five Minutes. I will catch you on the next Freedom In Five Minutes podcast episode.