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Freedom in Five Minutes

Feb 26, 2020

People nowadays are so eager to produce an output that some of it leads to mediocrity. And because they want to have something right away, most of them end up forgetting about the most important thing when it comes to building something. But what exactly is that “thing” that we need to be aware of?

In this episode, Dean talks about what it means to have a strong and reliable foundation and how important it is when you’re trying to build your business.

Automated Transcript Below:

Hey, this is Dean Soto founder of freedom in five minutes calm and pro silom. Calm PR O, Su, O u m calm. And we're here again with another freedom in five minutes episode. Today's topic is this, the foundation of what you build is what matters most. That and more coming. Oh, good morning. It's kind of getting warmer here. Which is good, in a sense, but I need to go and take advantage of the snow before it all melts up in the mountain area. Anyway, I'll solve that problem when we get there. So I'm on the walk with the Luna Meister as usual and got some good things. That's some good things. So So building this cat house. It's a it's a feral cat house, we want to get a whole bunch of cats set from the ASPCA who, you know, they've been fixed. They've been spayed, but they just they're just not something they're not a cat that wants to be indoors or not a cat that wants to be with people, and so on and so forth. And so they're not going to be cats that want to be inside right. So. So I'm building a feral cat house is going to be four foot, four foot wide by eight foot long and I need to start putting some more dirt on on my What's it called? My chicken coop I have this I have this wire mesh that comes out from the chicken coop and then you start putting some more dirt or over it. Anyway. That'll be Yet another thing I need to do. So anyway, these feral cats will live in this cat house. So I'm gonna already have kind of the designs for it and everything. So I already started building the foundation and built most of the, the frame of the structure, and so on. And it's good. The way that we're going to actually design and it's going to look like a like a, like a biker bar. Have you ever seen like a, like a biker bar type thing and, and it's going to have like a sign out, out in front of it's gonna be all black and have like spikes and things like that. And it's good. The biker bar is going to be called Hell's kittens. And so or something like that. And so these, these are going to be our rat catchers. They're going to be the ones who get all of the the rodents and snakes and squirrels and and gophers and things Like that, so I'm super excited to get these guys gonna be pretty awesome. But one of the things and I learned this when building other things, but one of the things that has taken me the longest is building the foundation for this house. I've already like I said, I've already built the frame and darn it, I left this piece of wood out. Hopefully it didn't work. I don't think it will. Anyway, I'm sorry, the, the, the the that I've already learned from other structures that have built despite how annoying it is, despite how much I don't like it, whether I like it or not. whether I like it or not the hardest part of this whole thing is the foundation. Right so the foundation is made of cinder blocks is going to be, it's going to be four corners, and then a couple of blocks that are in the center just to keep the keep the floor from bending, and so on and so forth. But the most important part are definitely the four corners. And it's on a slope. Right now it's on a slope. So the front of the structure, the cinder blocks are dug in about halfway down, which is totally fine. That's great. But the ones in the back, because it's on a little slope. Those are barely dug in. So when I was trying to make sure that they didn't shift or anything like that, when I was doing that, I found that it just wasn't going to work. As soon as I put soon as I put the structure on there, and there's any type of movement, it's going to start shifting the cinder blocks, right. Well, luckily, I had a bag of Quick, quick drying concrete I've brought the bag down and I didn't want to do this is just one obviously an added piece of work and then anytime I'm anytime I'm con creating something it's pretty permanent like that's the way I've always feel it's a pretty permanent and so I don't want to mess up so anyway I pour the concrete on it and go and get some water to start winning the concrete and and right when I pour the water on the the thing I realized oh crap, there was concrete on top of the cinder block too. So I had to I had to very quickly brush it all off with my hand and make sure that that so that didn't dry on the cinder block and then make that all uneven and everything like that. But um when I when I finished it was, you know as quick drying concrete so it didn't take that long to dry, but it was a perfect foundation. Perfect. The one on the back. They're not going to shift, the ones in the front are not going to shift. Not too worried about the ones in the center because if those four corners don't shift, we should be good to go should be pretty golden. And so yeah, it was a, it was one of those things where, where I started realizing, you know, I've spent hours spent hours just on this dang foundation. And it's cinder blocks, it's literally just cinder blocks and trying to make them as straight as possible, as highest as as the same height as possible, as well as the same height as possible. But also, more importantly, that all of them are leveled, and they all align with each other. Okay, which is hard. It's a little bit harder. It's not hard, but it just takes a lot of time. And and I realized, wow, yeah, I could literally be doing the fun stuff like cutting word and putting all the word together and doing all our stuff. But here I am doing This foundation Well, if I were to do all of that, the word and cut all that stuff and build everything and then put it on a foundation that was horrible, the foundation that wasn't going to last so foundation that was shaky or an uneven, the whole structure, eventually very quickly is going to give away and it's going to come crashing down. Right? And I don't want to come crashing down on my kitties That would suck. And so, why is this all important? You know, the foundation of everything is so, so important. This is why we are we are ruthless. And I say that in all honesty, like we are ruthless with our customers, making sure that they have the foundation of building systems the foundation of creating systems from systems documentation from video, right. That is a huge, huge thing and a lot of customers want to jump we want to jump just to the building part. Just want to jump just to the fun part and We have to stop them and say that's not how we work here. That's not what we do. So if you don't, if you if you're looking to if you're looking to have a building that and a business that is going to crumble, or you're going to have to go and fix and fix and fix and fix, not the not the right place, right? So what right now of your foundation of your business or your marriage or anything like that, what right now, are you doing that you know, that you should spend more time on even though it's not fun, maybe it's your marriage, maybe it's going on date nights, maybe it's going on? Maybe it's taking time during the day for your family to have a meal together? Maybe it's maybe it could be, you know, going to church more for your spirituality side of things or exercising more stretching, whatever it might be. I challenge you to take the time to build the foundation for that thing. Because the more that you try to, to build, without having that solid ground built, the more difficult is going to be for you to the more difficult it's going to be for you to see results in anything that you're doing. And it's going to be a constant fight and a constant struggle and the constant repairing of everything so so this Dean sort of founder of freedom in five minutes calm, go check out freedom in five minutes calm also go check out. Go check out proselyte calm PR o su lm calm. If you want a virtual systems architect, super, super inexpensive, but they will literally transform your entire business. Sometimes. almost overnight, I would say. I wouldn't say overnight, but pretty darn close. So all that being said You're hearing me in my garage. So I'm going to take off this Dean Soto freedom in five minutes. I'll catch you on the next freedom in five minutes podcast episode.