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Freedom in Five Minutes

Mar 30, 2020

Have you ever asked yourself why you are working too many hours? And why do you sometimes still end up feeling you’re not getting the job done?

Well, you might want to take a closer look at how you’re spending your time and energy because it’s actually possible to get things done without spending all your resources.

You want to know how? In this episode, Dean talks about the value of using your energy in the best possible way, and how it inspired a lot of his clients to use their energy efficiently.


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Dean 0:00
Hey, this is Dean Soto founder of freedom in five minutes calm and P R O S U L U M .com. And we're here again with another freedom in five minutes podcast episode. Today's topic is this using more energy doesn't mean you're more productive. That and more coming up. Well, good morning. Man, it is getting a little warmer here in Central California and that is that is not necessarily a good thing. I love the cold and so it's a little bit of a downer that things are getting warmer I want to I want to see more rain more cold. However, however, All of the seeds and stuff that I've planted. With all that being said and done, that means that we will be having more of a crop. Because the winter is bringing spring, right? I'm looking at that I'm actually looking at one area that I planted right now see if anything's popping up. So I created these food forests. So try at least I'm trying to start creating food forests, so that in different places where we're at there, there's there. It's not just it's not just a normal homestead, not just normal farm, but actually, you know, an actual food force that I can go walk to and go pick out some lettuce, go pick out whatever. So anyway,takes a lot less energy to do that. But you have to have the right conditions. You have to have the system that's already set up around trees. So on and so forth, and it kind of leads me on to what we're going to be talking about today. So yesterday was really cool. This. I was. So yesterday I went and did some jujitsu. So some Brazilian jujitsu, which if you've been listening for a while, you know that I've been doing it almost almost a year now. I love it. It's such a good way to exercise a good way to also learn more about yourself and, and develop skills of self defense. One of the best it just I was so hesitant at first, when I first started doing the whole jujitsu thing, but now I'm like, Oh my gosh, this is great. Why did I ever not do this before? So So it's interesting because the It's New Year's right? And so with New Year's comes a whole mess of people who have new year's resolutions, and they want to get into shape or they want to learn something new. They want to start doing something new, right? And And that leads to bigger class sizes. Not even just bigger class size and not only just bigger class sizes, but it also leads to the idea that the it also leads to new people who who are brand new to the sport but might be totally fit, they might be muscular and fit and wrestle or do whatever, they come to the sport and it it's a great way and a great time to test what you actually know. Okay, so.So after class,every after every class that we have on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we do a bit of rolling we do about maybe a half hour of what we call rolling, it's sparring. It's, it's it's actually doing jujitsu with each other and trying to submit each other, right and so there This one guy not gonna say his name, but he is a he's definitely fit. And you can tell that he does something like CrossFit. or something of that nature. And the guy is, I want to say is probably about the same age as me maybe between 30 and 40 around that, that and when I when I see it, like the initial reaction is like oh crap this guy's good at this guy's gonna destroy me right this guy's going to absolutely destroy me because he's all fit and and he also I think wrestles and all that stuff so so it's after class we finished class I went and said hi to him and stuff like that and asked him you know, Hey, have you done any martial arts at all? Have you done Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at all and he did. I think one time, one class before and so it was interesting. So my like I said, My initial reaction was, oh my gosh, this guy's because he was definitely ripped. He definitely was a is a let me turn on airplane mode real quick Hold on one second just had a telemarketers to try and call me. So and so he. So anyway, we I'm like hey, well let's roll and internally I'm like ah crap is gonna suck and you know all of my year of trading is gonna go for nothing. And so we start and he's a wrestler so he knows how to do clinching and stuff, stuff like that. So we start and we clinch and the cool thing is that that he, I kind of got to feel them out a little bit. And right away I ended up getting them in my guard, which in jujitsu is a dominant position. It might not look like a dominant position. But it is a dominant position. It's basically where I have my back on the ground which for wrestlers in wrestling you don't want to do that's the whole point of You know, you want to pin someone to the ground, right? But in jujitsu, having your back on the ground is totally fine. So it's when you have your back and your ground on the ground and your legs are wrapped around the person. Okay? That might not look like a dominant position, but it's actually a dominant position in jujitsu. So, so we're going, and it's cool because he's trying to get he's trying to get out of my guard and I'm constantly putting him off balance this way and that way, and then I was able to then sweep him over and get into mount which is a very dominant position. It's one of the best positions where you have a lot of different opportunities to do different arm locks, armbars chokes, and all that other jazz. So when I get into mount, the first thing that he does, is he wraps his arms around me so mount is basically just so you have an idea of what mount is full mount. It's where my so I'm, I'm on top of him and my legs are headed want to say it I'm on I'm, I'm on top of him, I'm in a position where if I wanted to pound on his face with punches, he can barely do anything. So my legs are kind of North, kind of in the area around his abdominal around his abdomen, right? And then my legs come, I try and wrap them around his legs so that he can't really so I can't really throw me off or anything like that. If you Google Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mount position or something like that, you'll see what it is. But anyway, so he's there, but the first thing he does is he is he goes and wraps his arms around me to hold me close to him, which is sort of what you can do. If someone's punching you you definitely want to do that because now I can't get any strength. I can't get any space to I can't get any space to start start landing punches or anything like that. So he's pulling me close. And the thing was that he's squeezing at the same time he's like her, and it feels to him like he is making a difference. He is constricting. He's a boa constrictor constricting all of my oxygen and making it to where. I'm just going to pass out and give up right?Well, that's what he might be thinking. But in my head, all I'm thinking at that point is yes, yes, young Skywalker. Please keep doing that for the energy is leaving your body. So as he's doing that on thinking as a as literally, yes, yes, yes, keep doing that. Keep doing that because you're going to get very tired You're expending all that energy trying to squeeze me in a position that is in a position that is not going to do anything for you or for me, it is very easy to it's very, it just you're making it easy for me to win later on, because that squeezing is not going to choke me. It's not going to constrict my airflow or anything like that. And so he keeps doing he keeps doing that keeps doing that keeps doing that I just wait and wait it out and I can tell you starting to get tired. So now I move in for different submissions. And ultimately, ultimately, I submit the guy and one of the first tips I gave him was.Don't try to escape don't try Don't try to squeeze don't try it like if you're in a position where you're not. If you're in a position where you are not The dominant one, the person really cannot submit you cannot do anything unless they move first. Okay, so say I got you into mount. Well, now I got you locked in and you're not going to go anywhere. However, if I actually want to do anything to you, if I want to make it to where you, I armbar you or do some kind of submission, hold on you, I have to move first, which means I have to start creating space, I have to start creating the, the, the in setting the tempo of everything. And as soon as that happens, now, I can if I was on the bottom, if I was if I was the one that was in the non dominant position, I can start doing things that take advantage of that space that you just created. But if I try and escape, I try and do all this stuff. I try and move around. I try and squeeze, I try and do all this stuff. Get me out of here, get me out of this. I don't like it. I don't like it, I don't like it. Then I'm using all of that energy and wasting it. And while it might seem like I'm being productive, it might seem like I'm like I'm squeezing and choking, and I'm doing all this other stuff. It is not I'm actually losing energy in the long run. So why is this important? It's important because we do this a lot in business. Right? We do this a lot in business. We all know whether it's you or whether it's somebody else. We all know those workaholics right. We all know those people who are so proud that they pulled an all nighter that they're so proud that they were up till two o'clock in the morning working on something and finally got it done. Right. We know those people that that stay you know if you're in your normal in a Normal nine to five job. We know those people who stayed till 910 11 at night trying to finish things up and then they come back and they're like, yo, yeah, I was here till 910 or 11. And then they make you feel bad for from working normal hours. They make you feel bad for working eight to five or nine to five or whatever it is. Right? Well, those people are those are just like those people who are spending energy and getting nothing done. They're spending energy and, and that energy that's being spent is actually being wasted. The fact that they even have to stay that long is an indicator that there's something wrong in the system. There's something wrong in the process. Okay. Just because you work hard on something, doesn't mean you're doing more doesn't mean you're produced. More, it means that it simply means that you're working hard on something that's it doesn't mean anything else. And so, what's more, one of the things I love about jujitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, is that everything is strategic. Everything is built on leverage, everything is built on a system of techniques, a system of if you move just one inch in this direction, because of how you have your body, their their body will flip over, or their body will board or you can choke them or you can do all of these different things. Right. So the the big thing in business is to pay attention if you're working hard Something if you're working on something in something that's done over and over and over again, especially, it's a big indicator that you're wasting a lot of energy. If you have a team, you should have a standard operating procedure that your team can then use to do that thing, so you're not doing it. So now you can step back, be more strategic, find points of leverage, and have your business grow and excel in so many different ways. If you're working hard, and I'm not saying hard work is not it. Trust me hard work is great when it is necessary. Hard work is great when it's necessary. But if you're just working, if you're the boss, and you're working, working, working, working 12 hours a day, every day on the same thing and it's stuff that your team can do or you are stuff that That you're doing over and over and over again and you think your team can do it. More than likely you're wasting energy. More than likely you're wasting you're wasting all that time. But if you just step back, created a process for it, a documented process, step by step. You could offload that that in many, many other things. So that every ounce of energy that you're spending every single ounce of energy you are spending is spent in an efficient and beautiful and amazing way. So right now what are you doing? Where you are just you are constantly constantly spinning energy. You're constantly doing, doing doing doing right. What what are you doing right now? That Oh, over and over and over again. And you use it as an excuse over and over and over again. You're doing these few things that's keeping you in the office for 12 hours. take a hard look and really truly see especially if you're the one if you've learned how to do this thing over time, more than likely somebody else can do it. What what are you doing right now? That if you simply handed it off created a process for it. That energy that you're spending can be best used for something else. This is Dean Soto freedom in five minutes go check out We have a lot of amazing stuff there. masterclass. We have our business process scorecard, go check that out. Go to, P R O S U L U M .com if you want to be able to do these processes create these processes. is in five minutes, in as little as five minutes,give them step by step have someone do it for you. So you never have to do it. Again. Get a virtual systems architect that's dedicated to you. They're like a, like a virtual assistant with superpowers. And go check that out. And if you if you go if you if you try if you go to pro slim calm and you try to exit it will come up with a course and brand new course that you can subscribe to. It's a four day series it'll teach you how to create all these processes teach you how to create step by step processes so you don't have to do this stuff and waste all that energy on stuff that doesn't matter. Alright, so this Dean Soto freedom in five This is the freedom in five minutes podcast. I will catch you on the next freedom in five minutes podcast episode.