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Freedom in Five Minutes

Apr 13, 2020

Most of the time, people tend to shrug off advice from their inner circle of friends — even if it is a really good tip or idea. These are your closest people; people who love you the most. If you refuse to listen to them, you also refuse the possibility to grow phenomenally. You’ll be surprised how knowledgeable and capable your inner circle of people is.


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Hey, this is Dean Soto — Founder of and And we're here again with another Freedom In Five Minutes podcast episode. Today's topic is this: You Don't Know More than Those Who are in Your Inner Circle. That and more coming up. 


Dean Soto  0:31  

Oh, good morning! So the audio in this is going to be a little bit gravelled a little bit garbled.


Dean Soto  0:37  

Thank you so much!


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So, I live in a community where people are super awesome. They flatten out the roads. We have these dirt roads that have asphalt on them. They're like asphalt grindings and literally, people will just do it. And that is pretty dang amazing. Sometimes they'll get potholes and they'll get little little washboards and things like that. People will just come with their tractor and grader and do it. I always try to spot them like 100 bucks or whatever. And they'll flatten out the road. They'll make it nice, amazing, and easy to drive on out of the kindness of their hearts. Basically, it's a pretty cool little community we have here. 


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So all that being said, I was on a call with some of my really close business friends — guy friends — that I have. And it's so it's funny because there are times where I think that I kind of have it all together. I mean, just being honest. I'm gonna be totally honest. But I think I have it all worked out and everything like that. I have the best way of doing stuff and it was cool because this morning — I really just listened this morning more than anything.


Dean Soto  2:08  

But as they were talking, they were talking about some of the different diets. They've been going on how they vacation. How they have fun, how they work, who they're hiring, who they need to hire, and what's been their troubles. And as I'm listening, I went from the feeling of "I know so much."


Dean Soto  2:33  

I know all this stuff in business, and I'm living the four-hour work month and all this other stuff. And all the way to — "...they do things way better than I do."


Dean Soto  2:44  

They're really good at what they do. I really don't even know what the heck I'm doing sometimes.


Dean Soto  2:52  



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Maybe I should just sit and listen. It was cool because some people—  especially when we are new to certain things. We tend to almost be a little bit intimidated by people who know more than we do — even when they're close, I get it. This actually happens more when you're close to somebody. 


Dean Soto  3:33  

I'm going to roll the window up. So it might sound a little bit different. 


Dean Soto  3:37  

But this actually happens sometimes even when we're closer to people.


Dean Soto  3:43  

Is that when we are given really good advice — I mean really good advice. Because of who they are, it kind of sometimes flies in the face of our view of, well, I should know better than this person or I'm the guy. And for me, I tend to feel like I'm the guy that knows how to work less. Who knows how to outsource and develop systems. Who knows how to do this and that. And so, when somebody gives me an idea. Like, one of my guys held me accountable to creating a webinar, creating the sales page for a webinar, and the entire copy for the webinar. I kept on saying, "Well, I'm going to do my book. I'm going to edit my book." And he's like, "Okay, that's great. What are you going to do this week? You did that? You said, you're going to do that last week? What are you going to do this week?" I said I'm gonna finish my book. He's like, "Well, that's what you said last week. What are you gonna do this week?" I'm like, "You son of a monkey." He totally, totally called me out. And in a good way, because I did not finish what I said I was gonna finish last week. And I will get to that. Now that becomes secondary. My primary is now making sure that I actually get this webinar up and running. I could bring in some cash and so on and so forth. 


Dean Soto  5:28  

So, my initial reaction is, "Well, it's gonna be more work, you know. I'm the four-hour work month kinda guy. I don't necessarily want to do that." It's so easy to just sit, edit, and use that as an excuse. I could say, you know, "Screw this guy." 


Dean Soto  5:48  

I could literally just say, you know, "Screw him. He works more than me or whatever." But he's right. You got more work and you got more valuable work. So you got more valuable work done than I did last week for sure. Right? And it's funny. A lot of people get hung up or get hit.


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I don't know what the word is, but they get enamored with the idea of the four-hour work month. Working a lot less, right. When my wife and I went to our marriage counselor. One of the things that he told me that really stuck and resonated with me — and it should resonate with a lot of guys is that in order to keep our house clean, guys are looking good, guys, we tend to be minimalist. We tend to want to just get rid of everything and make it as easy as possible. 


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Not all the guys, you know but a good amount of guys who want to just do that. And that gives us the ability to keep everything neat and clean all the time. Because there's no upkeep. You know, there's nothing to put away because there's really nothing, right? And that's not necessarily the best way to do things. So it's the easy way to do things, but it's not the most beautiful way to do things, I should say. And I know I'm kind of ranting in this particular podcast, but trust me it's going somewhere. 


Dean Soto  7:47  

So my marriage counselor said that in order to make a beautiful house, yes, you need to clean. But if you stop with just cleaning, it wouldn't be beautiful. It will just be an empty house. Right? And so, you actually have to put beautiful things and create beautiful things to put out there. And that's one of the things that yes, it's a selling point in my webinar. I mean, obviously I'm going to use it because a lot of people are workaholics. I was a workaholic as well. And in some ways I am. So am, I enjoy work. I don't have to — I enjoy working. I enjoy working my hands I enjoy just doing things that some people would find mundane, because they're in a cubicle, right? But work in and of itself. 


Dean Soto  8:43  

So sorry, working less in and out and of itself is not something that's fulfilling. You get bored really fast, really fast. When you don't have work to do. It's just the nature of things. It's very By nature, you will get bored fast. And so, part of me is like, “Well, yeah, I work less than some of my really close business friends. But they create beauty. They create new things. And while they might work more, I help them to work less. I help them to create systems. I help them to do things that give them the opportunity and the ability to be part of their family.” 

Yes, I help all of that. They helped me to keep on track with building, creating, and making energy and building it up. Yeah, developing things that are absolutely beautiful.


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Why is this important? Because especially with family members, especially with spouses, they are able to teach you things about yourself and they're able to teach you about things that they know way more easily than you could. If you just listen, they could help you to grow extremely quickly.


Dean Soto  10:22  

And so, what I challenge you to do this week is to listen. I had a hard time listening to my spouse. I had a hard time with my wife when she would give me her feelings on certain deals that I was doing and certain things that I was doing. Had I listened, I would not have wasted two years, maybe even four years. Because I would have grown at a much faster rate. I would have grown at just a phenomenal rate had I listened to her when the time was right and the time when she had those feelings. And so I've learned to listen. If my wife has a really strong feeling about something, I'd stop. And she says, "No." I stopped. If she says, "Yes." I go because I've learned that it is something that I'm not going to be able to learn. It'll take me two years to learn the hard way. 


Dean Soto  11:33  

Two years to learn the hard way, rather than just listening.


Dean Soto  11:38  

And following what she went through some of her feelings of herself. All that being said, I challenge you to listen to the people who are telling you something, don't just say "Oh, yeah. Sounds great." And not do it. 


Dean Soto  11:52  

Actually listen. Actually do it. You're gonna see that you're gonna have some phenomenal results when you listen to the people who love you and are able to be outside of the whole situation that you might be all right. This has been Dean Soto go check out, go check out 


Dean Soto  12:20  

Lots of amazing stuff there if you want to automate your business in as little as five minutes a day. But until then, I'm gonna be driving into the city right now. That's what I'm doing. Until then, I will see you in the next Freedom In Five Minutes podcast episode.