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Freedom in Five Minutes

Apr 27, 2020

Change is inevitable. At some point in your business, you will be forced to change mindsets, habits, or principles.

If you want to change your habits, place yourself in a totally new environment, and get used to it as quickly as you can. The more that you restrict yourself or your business in situations like that in short periods, the more you are able to grow!


Automated Transcript Below

Dean Soto  0:00  

Hey, this is Dean Soto, Founder of and P R O S U L U M .com and we're here again with another Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast episode. Today's topic is this: "Getting Used to Your Environment as Quickly as Possible." That and more, coming up. 


Dean Soto  0:32  

Good morning. We're here with the Luna Meister. Luna, are you here? Why are you running away from me? Where are you going? Go get them, Luna. Go get whoever you're sniffing out. 


Dean Soto  0:44  

Good morning. It's starting to get a little warmer here in Central California. And the rain is not coming. What the heck guys the rain is not coming. A very dry season again. Anyway, not to be depressed or depressing at all. Anyway, I just wanted to say good morning to you and do a little podcast. What I like to call a podcast episode. So not too long ago, I had been building this cat house for a while. 


Dean Soto  1:24  

It's a four by four foot wide by eight feet long by I think the top of the cat house is probably around six feet from the very top of the gable. I've been building that thing for a while and I had actually completed it. And it was the first time I ever did a gabled roof. Right? 


Dean Soto  1:50  

If you don't know what a gabled roof is... So, a gabled roof, if you don't know what that is, it's basically like an angled roof with those composite shingles. It's kind of like what you see in every typical suburban house. And it's gabled so that the water runs off it or the snow runs off it and so on and so forth. Right? 


Dean Soto  2:07  

So it's angled. Well, it's the first time I've ever done that. And it was cool. It took a lot longer. There was this one YouTube channel that I watched. And the guy was like, "Yeah, well, it took about a good eight hours to do." 


Dean Soto  2:22  

Of course, he had been building all his life. So he went super fast. Whereas, I literally took like two weeks to do. But it's done. It's awesome. It is fantastic. And so what did we need for this cat house? Well, we needed some cats, right? We need to get some feral cats in there. And I talked about this in podcasts. I talked about this in a couple of things. 


Dean Soto  2:46  

So we were like, you know, where do we get these feral cats? We were looking at the SPCA. We're looking at a bunch of other places and a lot of the time, these are gonna be barn cats. They're cats that are gonna be out and about in a barn right there. 


Dean Soto  3:01  

They are essentially not the type of cats that are going to be in our house as pets and so on and so forth. And because they're barn cats as well, as long as I have my gate, also my fencing all secure and everything like that, they'll be good but you never know. There are coyotes. There are owls. 


Dean Soto  3:24  

I saw an owl last night, and you could hear it. We have great horned owls, we have all these other different things here that would love to snack on a little kitty. And so these places that we wanted to get cats that were looking for a home. As far as I could tell so far, we still keep on looking because we want to get more.


Dean Soto  3:53  

As far as I could tell so far, these places want you to sign a thing saying you're going to have them indoors. You're going to have them this way. You are going to do that. It's a lot. I mean, it sucks because you think that a lot of these places these cats are just going to end up getting euthanized that sucks. 


Dean Soto  4:20  

You know, why not let the ones that are totally feral — that are not going to go well with a family — let them be workers right here and have a good life. They have some good Meow Mix and some water and some gophers to snack on and they'd be very happy kitties. 


Dean Soto  4:45  

Well, all these places it was just very hard to find any — It was hard to find anywhere where you could get a cat without having all these stipulations and so on. 


Dean Soto  5:01  

Hmm. I think I might be getting a little sick. 


Dean Soto  5:07  

So I go and finally we look at Craigslist. And every now and then I check on it, but we had this lady who had five cats available. Five feral cats were available. And we're like, "Wow, cool." 


Dean Soto  5:22  

So we contact them and these cats are awesome. They could only catch two of them on one day. So we had to come the next day and get the other two. But we have four cats in our cat house. And these are super nice cats I should say. 


Dean Soto  5:42  

I should say this. They are good cats. There is one that is very nice. The other ones aren't used to humans. But one of the things we had to do is we had to literally lock them up in the cat house for about a week and a day — about a week. And why did we have to do that? Why did we have to lock them into the cat house? 


Dean Soto  6:12  

Well, the way that — so cats are very territorial. And the way they get used to a place, you know. If we were to bring them into the cat house and just say, "Hey, here's your new home, they would have bolted and tried to get back to their owners." 


Dean Soto  6:33  

So by putting them in that situation where they literally could not leave that cat house. They were locked up in there you can see their little beady eyes staring out of the little windows and stuff like that. that I put on the thing. 


Dean Soto  6:47  

But there were no exits other than a side door that I built so that we can change our kitty litter. We could do a bunch of other things. So they're stuck in there. I just feel so bad for them. Oh my gosh, those little kitties but the thing was that after about a week I was like, "Okay let's try and let them out." 


Dean Soto  7:23  

So I go into the cat house and I mean they are freaked out because I'm at the cat house and I have my saws off. I'm starting to make holes into these little like six and a quarter-inch holes into the cathouse. So that one on each side, one higher one kind of up high, the other one down low. And, and I made these holes so that they can come and go and actually nothing will be able to — that a predator can go in and get into the cat house. 


Dean Soto  8:02  

I mean the holes are just way too small. So if a coyote or a fox or something like that tries to come in and get it ain't happening. Ain't happening. And so, I'm doing that and the cats are in the corner, they're like, "What is going on? This thing is so loud."


Dean Soto  8:25  

And I pop one hole, and then I go and do another one on the other side. And all of a sudden, I see that there are only three cats. And I'm like, "Huh, that's interesting." 


Dean Soto  8:37  

And then two cats, and then one cat. And that one cat stayed for a long, long time like it's just sitting there going, "What do I do? What is going on?" And eventually, it left and I never saw a single one again. 


Dean Soto  8:57  

Or so it seemed. So later that night I could not find any of them at all. 


Dean Soto  9:03  

Later that night, I went and put on my headlamp and started going across the property. We have tons of trees, tons of places to hide. So I put my headlamp on. The cool thing about cats is if you shine lights, you can see their eyes. So I'm shining my lights and guess what I see? What I thought was maybe they started running back home. What did I see? I saw four little beady eyes staring at me from different locations. Very, very cool. Which means that they are used to that area. Okay. They were very uncomfortable when they first got there, but they were forced to be in that area for a week. 


Dean Soto  9:53  

And that's something that we — if we want to get used to something — if you want to get used to an idea or get used to a habit we have to do to ourselves... We have to force ourselves to be in a very different spot, a very uncomfortable spot. 


Dean Soto  10:12  

So like when it comes to systems, a lot of the time we have to force ourselves to create those systems and let somebody else do them. Even if it's uncomfortable, even if it seems like "Oh, I could do this way better than this person, I don't trust this person." 


Dean Soto  10:30  

We have to allow it. We have to have the ability to. We have to be okay with letting that environment grow around us. Okay. And so, putting things in places like, "I'm going to create a system a day, and I'm going to delegate all of those processes to somebody and I'm going to let them do it no matter what. And we're going to see what the result is. That is where we have a massive habit change. And we want to have massive habit changes. 


Dean Soto  11:10  

The more that we are able to put ourselves in situations like that and stay in situations like that. The more we're going to grow. The more we're going to see that by doing that, we change our entire environment around us and we get used to it. We get used to those customers on our end, that despite us even forcing them to agree that they will and they don't. They end up having no results or bad results. Or they end up just burning out. Their Virtual Systems Architect or two or three. And we have to cut them off as a customer. 


Dean Soto  12:09  

It's those people who will refuse to put themselves in a brand new environment and stick with that brand new environment that have a hard time getting different results and they've always been getting right. 


Dean Soto  12:32  

So my challenge to you this week is if you want to change a habit, get into a different environment. If you want to get fit, go join a Jiu-Jitsu gym. You know Gracie. Or if you're in Central California, Ultimate Martial Arts. Or whatever CheckMat because now you have accountability with other people. Right? Putting yourself in a different environment or CrossFit gym, something where there's accountability. If it's business, join some kind of accountability group. If it's marriage, start seeing a counselor and agree to a specific amount of time. If it's your spirituality, just sign up for a retreat or something like that. 


Dean Soto  13:24  

I just spilled coffee all over my phone. Please Oh, over my hand. This is Dean Soto Freedom In Five Minutes. I will catch you on the next Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast episode.