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Freedom in Five Minutes

May 2, 2020

Have you ever felt stuck on your plateau like you’re no longer progressing? At some point, you must have whether it be in life or business. What if I told you that your plateau is not an impediment but a nesting ground for your power?

In this episode, Dean talks about how to make the best out of the time spent on your plateau to prepare yourself for the next level.


Automated Transcription Below

Dean Soto 0:00

Hey, this is Dean Soto, founder of and We're here again with another Freedom In Five Minutes podcast episode.


Dean Soto 0:15

Today's topic is this: Your Power Comes From Your Plateau. That and more coming up.


Dean Soto 0:29

Well good morning everybody. We're on a walk with, yes, you guessed it. The Luna Meister. We're out and about with all the yellow, white, and purple flowers.


Dean Soto 0:43

Just absolutely loving all of this. She found something that she really wanted to sniff. So she's out there sniffing. Oh, man.


Dean Soto 0:54

Well for those who do not know. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is very difficult. So for the last ... wow. It has been going on for a year. It will be for one year. Wow. For a year. I have been practicing, Oh no. It's been a year. Because I started in February last year.


Dean Soto 1:21

Over a year I've been practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Something that I had always wanted to try and got into it because of the Wake-Up Warrior program. All of the Wake Up Warrior stuff. It was one of my goals. 


Dean Soto 1:38

Last year about February, one of my targets was to compete in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament. That actually happened within 90 days of setting that target. I competed in my first Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament, ended up getting bronze, on no Gi, and ended up not getting anything on Gi as a uniform that you use in jujitsu.


Dean Soto 2:05

No-Gi is basically without that uniform. I ended up getting a bronze and, it was something that was really cool. It was a pivotal moment in my life.


Dean Soto 2:18

I never thought I would continue and just keep on going, but it's something that has continued to challenge. It’s Like chess. It is a chess match every time and you learn more and more every single time.


Dean Soto 2:35

One of the things when it comes to jiu-jitsu is that you have these plateaus. For a couple, I want to say a couple of months now, this has happened two or three times.


Dean Soto 2:54

I'd get to the gym, we'd be doing our normal training class. Basically, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the normal training class is where you're actually learning something. You’re hitting. You're being taught something.


Dean Soto 3:14

On Saturdays mornings we roll. It's just sparring the entire day or in the entire time that you're, at the class. You're rolling, you're just putting into practice everything that you had learned.


Dean Soto 3:33

Well, Over and over again, I would consistently get submitted by the same guys who had been, they'd been doing this much longer than I have, but they were continually submitting me. I'm like, gosh, and submitting means they won.


Dean Soto 4:01

They either got me in an arm lock or a choke. I'm like, man, I just am not getting better. One guy, in particular, he's our resident blue belt in jiu-jitsu. If you don't know it, there are only a few belts in jiu-jitsu. It's White, Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black. Okay. They do have a red belt, which is like you have to be in for like 40 years or something like that to get it. But it's very hard. It takes a long time to get from belt to belt.


Dean Soto 4:37

Just going from white belt to blue belt, it's a bit of a... you definitely have learned a ton. Okay. You're much better than your typical white belt.


Dean Soto 4:52

All that being said, the resident blue belt — he would submit me usually in 15 to 30 seconds, maybe a minute if I was lucky. It was just getting so frustrating and so I would take a little break from it.


Dean Soto 5:10

I'd be speaking at work or whatever, take a break, go back. It was just — it was happening and happening. One thing that happens in jiu-jitsu is that these plateaus — I think that they're there, they naturally happen because they do two things.


Dean Soto 5:35

One is I think that they provide a constraint and it allows you also to build up different types of muscle memory for the different things that you're learning. No, I don't know. That's just a theory.


Dean Soto 5:52

The last week or two, Oh my gosh,  the same guy who was submitting me, in 30 seconds, couldn't submit me at all in five minutes. Certain people who I have gone against over and over again and lost, I've been able to submit.


Dean Soto 6:22

My body would start doing things that I knew in my head and I had tried and failed, but now have been able to actually pull off and it was like a switch. Just flipping. How the heck did that happen? I don't know.


Dean Soto 6:47

It's happened two or three times in this whole ordeal, this whole learning, resilient jiu-jitsu to the point where now I go in against some of the younger folk. I can't believe I say that. 39 he's going against some of the younger folk where I would be, panting and I would be like, I'd have in the back of my mind they're going to outmaneuver me. They're going out.


Dean Soto 7:23

I do all these different things. Like as they're doing whatever they're doing, I'm just calmly rolling him over, calmly putting them into a submission hold calmly doing things where I'm like, what the heck happened?


Dean Soto 7:45

This breakthrough of plateaus has happened over and over again in this particular— However if I look back on life. If I look back on business, spirituality, my body, my health, these plateaus come very often and a lot of the times we see these as bad things. We see this plateau as a bad thing.


Dean Soto 8:25

Gosh, I feel stuck.


Dean Soto 8:30

Well in that instance, there are certain things that you are learning. There are certain things that you are learning in those plateaus that you might not even realize that you are learning.


Dean Soto 8:46

People who are Pro Sulum customers who have a Virtual Systems Architect, a lot of the times they become customers because they're in a spot where they cannot get out of this constraint — time.


Dean Soto 9:03

The constraint is they're working tons. A lot in their business. Or the constraint is that they're tired of when they stop working, their business starts declining and they see that plateau. They've been in that plateau for a while.


Dean Soto 9:24

I've had one recent customer, who just came on, who had been researching a lot of different ways to start systemizing what he's doing a lot of different ways, but never really pulled the trigger and that's not because he's not action-oriented, but because during that plateau process there's something about that process about being in that particular situation.


Dean Soto 9:54

There's something about that situation where the wheat is being separated from the chaff, right. The good is being separated from the bad, the good idea, the good system, the good thing is being separated from the bad and there's a problem, right? There's a problem and obviously there's a possibility of fixing that problem.


Dean Soto 10:27

For me in jiu-jitsu, the problem is getting submitted by these bigger guys, these or these guys that have been around for much longer than I have and there's the possibility of improving my technique against these guys or finding some way to improve my technique against these guys. But often what's lacking is that path that's in the middle.


Dean Soto 10:56

What path do you take to get there? And this is something I learned. That is the whole framework. There is something I learned from Garrett J White at Wake Up Warrior. Very powerful.


Dean Soto 11:09

You have a problem. You have the possibility, but you need to have that path, and not all paths going to take you to that possibility, right? Not all paths are going to take you there. Some paths might take longer, some paths might take shorter, some paths might not take you there at all.


Dean Soto 11:28

During that plateau, the reason not to be scared, the reason not to fear, and to think that you're going to always be stuck there is because that process is there to help you to make a good decision. On which path to take to reach possibility.


Dean Soto 11:55

Now for me with Brazilian jiu-jitsu. One, there were a couple of paths that I took. I took a course, an online course called Keenan Online. K E E N A N Online. It's Keenan Cornelius. His course, super cheap, but he goes through pretty much every technique in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. And so that helped out a lot.


Dean Soto 12:29

Then, there's an app on the iPhone called BJJ over 40, so Brazilian jiu-jitsu over 40. That might sound like, well, why do I want to learn how old guys do jujitsu? But one of the things is the stuff that he teaches works for everybody, but the whole idea, the whole point is to use as little energy and as little movement as possible.


Dean Soto 12:59

Those two things over time completely allowed me to take that path to the possibility of defeating those people in Brazilian jiu-jitsu who had been plaguing me for so long. But the same thing goes with business.


Dean Soto 13:19

For me, I did not want to hire a massive amount of employees. I did not want to make seven figures plus in revenue over time, I did not want to have to deal with W2's and deal with payroll and worker's compensation and insurance and all this other stuff. I had to find courses and mentors that taught me how to do that,


Dean Soto 13:57

How to build systems — how to build automated systems through technology or systems that other people use. I had to find that path, right? So the plateau gives you the power to find the path to the possibility. That lets you solve your problem.


Dean Soto 14:26

What are you plateaued in right now in this week? What I want you to do is enjoy the plateau and start researching ways to get on the path to getting to the next level of that plateau, but don't get anxious about it.


Dean Soto 14:50

Don't get frustrated by it. Enjoy it. Enjoy being on the plateau because just knowing that this is going to lead you to the next level, whether it will, whether it's now or a week from now or a month from now, you will reach the next level.


Dean Soto 15:13

It's just right now your subconscious is finding the absolute best way to do that, and so just trust that God, your subconscious, your talent is helping you to find a way to break through to get to that next level. All right.


Dean Soto 15:35

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Dean Soto 16:05

If you want a Virtual Systems Architect that can literally automate your entire business in five minutes — in as little as five minutes a day, go check that out. Get yourself a Virtual Systems Architect and I will see you, my friends in the next Freedom In Five Minutes podcast episode.