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Freedom in Five Minutes

Jun 12, 2020

Sometimes, life puts us in the most uncomfortable places, stuck and cold out in the dark without a glimpse of light.

Then we start despairing and fearing that everything's going to come crashing down.

Those painful times and horrible bad things, how do you see it? How do you go about it?

In this podcast episode, let me share it with you and see these hardships as an opportunity for growth as a person.


Automated Transcript Below:

Dean Soto 0:00

Hey, this is Dean Soto founder of freedom in five and Pro and we're here again with another freedom in five minutes podcast episode. Today's topic is this, the dirtiest and ugliest and most painful places bring the most growth. That and more coming up. All right guys, what is up? Oh yes, you're probably hearing cars passing me by right now. I am, I'm actually in a, so I dropped my car off to the shop and I live up in the country, up in the hills, and this is the first time I've ever started to walk home. And it is, it’s a very small curbside, so I might be risking my life. We'll see. I've seen people do it. And it's, gosh, what is this about, not three miles, this is probably like, four-mile walk. But my wife is coming eventually. So should be, should only be a little bit of a walk. We'll see what happens. But anyway, all that being said. So I was, the other day I was, we're at the point right now where there is, how do I want to say it? There's a, like, everything that is green is slowly starting to turn into a little bit of brown, right? So we're in spring, and we might get a little bit more rain, I don't know. But up here it goes from spring to summer very quickly, and we were at 60-degree weather last week to 90-degree weather this week. And it's, it's it swings pretty fast. And one of the things that come with that is that you know, God gives us some pretty amazing gifts out here in the country. For most people, you would look at it and go, Oh gosh, this sucks. I hate it. But for me, and for anyone doing any type of gardening whatsoever, weeds can be a beautiful thing. That's right. We have these big overgrown weeds. And when you chop them down or when you just pull them out, it is amazing for compost. And I'm just, I'm going, going past a marker that someone died right there. That's not a good sign. But yeah, it is amazing compost right there. Because, you know, you literally, you can just go and pick whatever you want. Go pick whatever you want. Throw it in your compost bin, get some greens, some browns, and you're good to go. And you could just start tossing and tossing and tossing and tossing in there. Well, one of the areas where, where, so I have a three kind of bin compost area. The first bin is if you've never done any type of composting, the first bin is for this, like the stuff that you just got, like the stuff that just, you know, it's green, you picked it, you put it in there, and it's gonna be the most, it’s gonna be the height, it's gonna be like the tallest. So as it starts composting, it gets less and less mass, right? All the bugs and everything like that goes in there and they start breaking down all the, the stuff and so it becomes smaller and smaller. So once it gets small enough, and where it's not, it's not you can't totally use it for composting at least at that point in time. You then can move it to the next bin, which kind of like a middle ground, it's, it's, it's not quite there, right? But it's, it's there enough to where, where, you know, if you move it, you're gonna be able to get a lot more, be able to put a lot more in that first bin, right? So, and then the third bin is where, where it's kind of in its final phase, where it's really broken down. It's really, you're really able to get, start using, start using it for soil. So, in the, I noticed yesterday or not yesterday the other day, that in the second bin,

Dean Soto 4:56

keep in mind I'm using these, I'm using pallets that we got from a store, from, behind the store that they were, they were getting rid of. The second bin had in one of the crevices in the, in the very back had some sprouts. And at first, I was like, oh, I wonder if these are weeds. And looking at them more closely, you could, you could usually tell whether something's a weed or something's not. But looking, looking at them, I, I have this. Looking at them, I have this what's it called, app? I forgot what, I forgot what it was, what the app is called. But I have an app that helps you to identify what kind of plant you have, right? And so, I use this app to go and, and see what exactly, what exactly it was. And it turns out which cos I have a feeling by the way it looked, it turns out that this is, it was some Butternut Squash, Butternut Squash growing in the side in like the, in basically waste. This was, it was, this was something a spot where I'd never thought that and obviously I'm not gonna be gardening using that for gardening because it's all for composts, for you know, for like growing stuff. But it was cool because it, so I'm looking at them like, oh my gosh this, this was the Butternut Squash that one of our neighbors gave us where it was, it was our neighbor’s, her, her mom, her mom had this stuff grow within her compost, and it was huge. This huge Butternut Squash it literally was, it had to be, how many feet, maybe, maybe a little bit over a foot long, maybe more, maybe a foot and a half long and just super wide and it was delicious and it was awesome and it lasted forever, and it was, it was just great. And so we had put a lot of that, so once we were done with it, it has obviously, they have seeds and everything like that. You know we composted it. I actually tried to go and plant some of those seeds in different places. And it doesn't look like they took anywhere. But it took, the seeds actually took in the, they took in the, in the compost pile. So, just like where we got it from the first place, this Butternut Squash seems to love sprouting up in the compost, obviously. I mean, it's rich and everything like that, but it's, you never would expect that it would start growing in the compost pile itself, right? And so I'm looking at this going, this is one, it's the most unlikely place, probably one of the harshest or most challenging places because it's, it's literally just stuff that's decomposing, right? It's, it's not fully soiled yet but it's, it's slowly decomposing, right? And I'm, and I'm looking at this going, how easy it is, how easily it's growing in that specific spot. And it totally got me thinking that one, this is like the way life is, I know that I've grown so much more in painful times, in times where, in times where I was put in spots that were uncomfortable, if not downright scary and there have been times where, where I was on, we had our last, like 1500 dollars. And our monthly expenses were far more than that and had to figure out how to, how to get all of that. Good, you know that, and, and figure out how to make that last, right? Well, the, the, those times,

Dean Soto 9:44

show, just what you're made of. Those times show just how much resilience you have, how much courage you have. It shows the ability for you to, to think on your feet, to innovate, to grow. And that is something super powerful that a lot of us try to avoid, right? We try to avoid and we get complacent, we get easy. And now with all the COVID-19 stuff, now with all this stuff happening, oh man, we are facing one of those times, yeah? We're facing one of those times were, where we have to be extremely creative, because there's a lot of pain happening, whether it's family-wise, not being able to send kids to school, not being able to go to the gym, not being able to do a whole lot of stuff that we used to be able to do before, right? And so, so that is something that you could look at as a, as a horrible bad thing and start despairing and start fearing and think, thinking that there's, that everything's going to come crashing down. Or you can see it as an opportunity to grow. So, during this time, I want you to take the time to see where you're at, to see the benefit of this. To see that, this is the opportunity to get a boost, to get a boost, because you have the, you have the, the strength and you have the courage during this time to make some big changes in your life, big changes in your life. There is nothing, nothing, nothing more valuable than be planted, being planted in difficult rich soil, which is, this is exactly where you're being planted right now? Alright, so this is Dean Soto freedom in five minutes, go check out freedom in five Go check out Pro and I'm going to continue my walk and I'll see you in the next freedom in five minutes podcast episode.