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Freedom in Five Minutes

Jul 17, 2019

It is better to give than to receive.  We've all heard that often overused saying from the Bible, but in this interview you'll hear how Beau Miracle, from has a business model that is based on giving back to his community as much as possible.  His amazing story is one of near bankruptcy to victory in business.  You are going to love this episode.


Automated Transcript Below:

Dean Soto 0:00
Hey, this is Dean Soto founder of freedom in five and we're here again with another freedom in five minutes podcast episode. Today's topic is this home and community miracles that and more coming up

All right, cool. We got another podcast episode just one is going to be literally miraculous. And there's a reason why we're using the word miracle. And that's because I am joined with Mr. Bo miracle from from miracle real it real team. He's actually from a lot of different things which we'll talk and talk and touch on in just a little bit. But I'm excited for this show. Because there's going to be a lot of amazing content of a lot of amazing stuff. And yeah, I'm just decided to get into it. So So

Bo was actually born near where I live. I live up in prey there opposite of Barry area. He's in Madeira was born there, join the Marine Corps

actually had a tour in Iraq in 2003 made his way back to Madera and took over in that. I believe it's a family business right?

Beau Miracle 1:25
Yep. Yeah. 41 years.

Unknown Speaker 1:27
Wow. 41 years that is crazy. So took over the family business, and has just done a whole lot of stuff including owning a CrossFit gym. And he has, he has a son who is at St. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and it's just all over with a bunch of different groups and, and so on in the local in the local area. Absolutely love what he is doing and how to get them on. So boat. Thank you so much for being on.

Beau Miracle 1:57
Well, thank you for having me. I super appreciate it.

Dean Soto 2:00
So, so yeah. So when I was looking at some of the interviews that you had done, one of the things that struck me as I started doing more and more research about what you do is just how, how, how all over you are in the community. And that's a really big thing that I'd love to love to hear your story about how you got here, and then kind of go into I want to go into

the fact that you're really out there building and helping the community as well as all of your other businesses which we're going to talk on. So how did you how did you get from, you know, born in Madeira, go into the Marine Corps and to where you are at now as the owner of miracle Realty.

Beau Miracle 2:51
Well, it wasn't an easy road, but I definitely needed some change. So I moved to Michigan and shortly after that, I had joined more

Court. I couldn't keep a job. I wasn't good employee, I guess. And so I definitely needed some structure. And so my cousin, actually, Richie, he was actually going to go into the Marines already. And he was already basically enlisted at that point to go. And it convinced me to go in. And so I wasn't trying to be GI Joe or anything, but he definitely had to go talk to the recruiter. And they kind of motivated me a little bit. I know, I was signing the papers and going to boot camp within three months, and then did a little tour in Iraq in 2003. When it first kicked off. It was a hell of an experience. Thank you for people to have made it back. And thank you, and then. So anyhow, then I started selling cars in Michigan, and I was doing pretty good at it. And the market kind of changed for the worst. And I was in need of some change again, so I decided to move back to my good old hometown, Madeira.

And I got back here in 2009.

I had to go through some learning curves when I first got back. And, you know, I was kind of dabbling in some things I shouldn't have been doing, decided to change again. So I started going back to school to get my real estate license and get my degree.

That's taking advantage of the GI Bill. And I got my real estate license February 9, no February 11 2011. And my clan at that time was to go and work for my father who was the broker at the time of miracle realty here in Madeira. Originally founded through my uncle, who started in Clovis, actually, but narrow realty here in Madeira was the only one still around my other uncle retired. And anyways,

short story long. Nine days later, my dad passed away Oh geez, and so trying to kind of

My my plan of attack, I guess you can say. And I was put in a position to where

I wasn't really sure what to do, who's kind of like my main mentor. And so I was kind of confused. And so I reached out to a few people that I knew that that he had known and that well, they said, you have any money? I said, No. They said, You got any experience? I said, No. They said, Well, I suggest you go and work for another company until you get that experience and build some capital, and then maybe come back and entertain the fact of taking over America realty again, or restarting it rather. And so I just didn't sit well with me it was a family legacy that that my song is created. And so I said f it. And that's what I did. I decided to just kind of, you know, go after it. I didn't know what I was doing. We were in the middle of a recession. Short Sale Foreclosure boom. And so

Unknown Speaker 6:00
That's kind of what started it. And then, you know, I wasn't a broker at the time, so I had to have a broker. He was retired guy to do my dad. And he decided to partner up with me and so I can get my broker's license which I did two years later. And that's kind of what what got me into it. Wow, that is awesome. That's that's that is a crazy crazy story. I love that I'm sorry for your loss man. With your with your dad. Especially right after whenever you done that that's that's crazy. But the fact that you just you just went went for went for it and and are now doing what you what you did like that's, that's that is awesome.

Unknown Speaker 6:42
What so when you first when you first got into the to the position you are now then what were some of the things that were that kind of oh crap. I didn't expect this type stuff when it came to actually owning the business outright.

Unknown Speaker 7:02
Well, I would say probably a oh crap moment every day for like two for like two years. It was crazy. I mean, you know, when when you take over a business or you had to restart the business because it was basically it was a sole proprietorship. So when I read took it over and had to reestablish it that, you know, you don't have inventory, you don't have money. And if you're not selling anything, you don't get commissions. And this is a commission only type of business. So, for me, it was every day. I mean, I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I didn't know who to ask. I was I was a little scorned by the fact of those people that I had reached out to they've been in the industry for a long time. So I felt like that was going to be the answer to all my questions was just like, you shouldn't be doing it. You know, blah, blah, blah. So, anyhow, every day, I mean, turn the lights on keeping the lights on, getting a business license, having to go through the big process.

Unknown Speaker 8:00
Success and always being an employee versus an employer. And then I didn't really have employees. And I mean, I don't want to take up too much of your show my drama, but there's this drama after drama with me taking over whether it was family drama, or just the fact that we were in what was my first experience in real estate was the recession. So, you know, a transaction will take six months to close, if not longer. That was just me and a few others. I tend to kept it real intimate and small, because I really didn't have confidence. And so

Unknown Speaker 8:37
at that point, it just kind of really made me question what I was doing and if I should have listened to those those voices that that I spoke to, asking me to not go through the business, but

Unknown Speaker 8:50
it was a struggle every day for sure. Wow. Yeah, that

Unknown Speaker 8:54
that's, that's really honest, though. A lot of people would be like, Oh, yeah, there was like some It was hot. It was hot.

Unknown Speaker 9:01
At some points or whatever, but the fact that you're like, holy crap, like, right, there's pretty much every single day. There were something. That's, uh, that's pretty rare to actually have someone say that So, I mean, kudos to you. That's, that's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 9:18
Yeah, I mean, I want I want to know more about this. So, so when you started gaining confidence because one thing that I noticed about your business in particular, is that right now there is from from the stuff that you put out, on on, on your Facebook page and, and, and so on.

Unknown Speaker 9:42
There's a lot of confidence there. Now, you have your brand, you have your shirt, your your branded shirts, hats,

Unknown Speaker 9:50
you're in the community, you're doing that stuff. When did it start to click like that? Where you were starting to

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Be able to start building your building your team as well. When did it start to kind of click and not be kind of the, the Holy crap, you know, things are on fire all the time.

Unknown Speaker 10:12
Well, I'm gonna give you another honest an aha moment. So probably about a year and a half into me taking over. I had went through a series of series of things that just were just crazy, but then I got sued, and I got sued for a number that I couldn't even write an IOU about. And so it was like $5 million, or something crazy like that. And so

Unknown Speaker 10:39
I'm grateful that I had to go through the experience. I just wish it would have been different. But I was faced with the with the with the thing in front of me that was about to take everything away that I had just started and tried to really start creating. And I was already scared. I was scared. From the moment that I started. I dared me

Unknown Speaker 11:00
For the lawsuit, and then when I was going through the lawsuit, I was really humbled. And that's kind of where the CrossFit came into play because I was teaching classes at the local CrossFit gym for free because I knew the owner of the gyms that he has your locally and he let me kind of coach for free and it just gave me kind of like that good feel that I wanted by doing that. So anyways, after after going through that lawsuit, I at that point realized, what's the worst that can happen. And so a wise man once told me that someone might be able to to take everything that I that I have away from me, but they can never take my ability to do it all over again. So so that's that's kind of what just resonated with me at that point. As I was like, You know what, you know, we live in California, we're going to be facing things. And you know, for a guy that didn't have 20 bucks in his back pocket that was getting sued for five

Unknown Speaker 12:00
million dollars. I couldn't afford an attorney representing myself and having to take all the people that were close to me into the lawsuit as well, because we were all kind of participating in that, whether we liked it or not. And so

Unknown Speaker 12:14
it was just a real humbling humbling thing. And I mean, when you're faced with losing everything that you don't have, you kind of realize it doesn't really matter, right? Because there's so much more out there for us that we can be grateful for. And so that's what blew my confidence that at that point, I kind of made a like the personal goal, I guess you can say that. I'm going to expose myself to my community. I'm going to put myself out there, I'm going to overcome adversity and I'm going to I'm going to do what I needed to do. And at that point, I was like, you know, I need to brand myself that's what I need to do. I need to be miracle Realty. So every time you see Bo miracle, like you don't question that I'm part of miracle realty or I'm the real estate guy in Madeira. And so with with with that,

Unknown Speaker 13:00
branding, I kind of got some really, really good people to buy into that. And we created a culture from that. And, you know, we went from one or two agents and maybe an office manager, property manager to, you know, almost 12 real estate agents. Not all full time, but I got 12 realtors, and then I got a property manager who's awesome. And then I got an office assistant. So we've just really grown and not and not just the fact that we've grown but what we do in return for our community is I mean, it's just amazing and we just so much for the community and, and I and I spend my wheels trying to dedicate my time as much as possible to, to 10 what you were saying like whether it's their Chamber of Commerce and being on the board of directors or Madeira Association of Realtors or participating in the Fresno Association of Realtors or running our own personal community events like the disabled veterans golf tournament that we just got done. And we're super successful with I mean, just just being out there and you know,

Unknown Speaker 14:00
You can't keep anything unless you give it away and that's like my philosophy. I mean, I don't try to make more money I try to do more so I can give more back man i

Unknown Speaker 14:11
that is awesome that is absolutely awesome because one thanks for being so real and upfront on that because that is that's actually something that I struggle with just personally with my business I always I'm always had for years and it wasn't only till recently that I've that it's gotten better as I always think, Oh crap, everything's going to come crashing down I'm gonna lose all my money I'm going to lose whatever but to have it where were you were literally faced with that like, I'm not I'm not even faced with that. And I'm and I'm worried about Oh, am I going to be able to feed my family or whatever. You are literally faced with someone trying to take it all from you. And came to the realization that you know what, I'm just you know, I there's so much to be grateful for and

Unknown Speaker 15:00
I'm going to just start giving, giving, giving, giving. And that's that's that is one of the things that really struck me with your business. I mean, there's I mean, that in reality, real real estate brokers realtors are theirs they're everywhere right and

Unknown Speaker 15:20
one of the but but but to see your golf tournament to see when you're doing stuff with the the Grizzlies over here you're doing all like just a whole bunch of different things that you're doing for the community that is that is that totally struck me and that's it. That's actually amazing how how that cut that culture is formed off of that potential loss of everything.

Unknown Speaker 15:44
It just truly did and I mean, you know, they say like law of attraction if you're into that or whatever. I'm a big universe and energy guy but you know, for me, you know, I struggled through through a lot of things through my little journey and

Unknown Speaker 16:00
And now where I'm at today, I'm just surrounded by such amazing people that, you know, I don't know why they believe in me and so much that they, they do. But my point is, as I'm as successful as I am, because of the people that are part of my team, I mean, I just have great people. I mean, they just, they bought in, you know, every time someone tries to come to my office, I always tell them, you know, go talk to other offices, and then come back to me, you know, because I really just want to not be by it. You know, I don't want to be that person. That's miracle realty is the best company, even though I love miracle Realty. And to me, it is the best company, but I want them to learn that to themselves. And, and because of what we do. I don't recruit. And I mean, I've been told by people that I should, but you know, I don't want to I don't want to overly saturate our culture because I think that if you get the wrong people, and they don't vibe, you kind of lose that family oriented aspect to what we do, because let's face it, I mean, we're, we're we're with our people.

Unknown Speaker 17:00
More than one with our family. Yep. Right so so these are our families so I mean if we're not vitamin I mean it's okay to agree to disagree and sometimes you know just like any dysfunctional family we have our we have our disagreements and whatnot and maybe even our little stats but the reality of it is is is I'm just truly blessed with the people that are in my life and not just in my businesses but you know just all around I just the the people that support miracle Realty and cross it Madeira and other various things I'm part of, I mean, just awesome. And Madeira is one of those towns that kind of like, like cheers, where everybody knows your name. If you really, if you really make a positive impact in this town, this town will will will pay you back threefold. Wow, that's I love that. I love that my aunt my aunt is she lives in Madeira. And I love I love that area. Like it's it's always been really really, really nice.

Unknown Speaker 17:56
But yeah, like that. That's definitely a thing. That is it.

Unknown Speaker 18:00
characteristic is, is you're giving back to the town because in

Unknown Speaker 18:06
to me a lot of people could say, well it's just a small town like what is that going to? Was that you know really going to do for your business or whatever but you can you can tell like you actually care about everyone in the community and that it's it's it's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 18:23
How does help so how did so you have miracle Realty and you have other things going on such as cross the CrossFit thing the so let me so that is CrossFit Madeira? How did that come about? I know you that you do CrossFit, but how did that come about? And how does that play into everything else that you're doing as well?

Unknown Speaker 18:48
So I've always kind of been into fitness and that was my like, my thing, right? That was my outlet. I had a really good friend that I've known since second grade. She actually just got his PhD.

Unknown Speaker 19:00
But he kind of started me on my little fitness journey when I first started kind of redirecting my life a little bit. And so point being is I lost about 60 pounds. And I didn't just lose 60 pounds a month from a certain weight, certain body fat percentage. And so anyways, I was really on this mission statement of just like really aging, who I was because there's three things I wanted to do right before my dad passed, and because I didn't know he's going to pass but I wanted to get my personal training certificate, which I did. I wanted to get my bail bond license, which I did and then I got my real estate license. Well,

Unknown Speaker 19:34
of course, being kind of a fitness enthusiast. Everybody always wants to own their own gym. But at the time, what would happen what happened was the gym owner that owned the what's called a Globo gym, like your traditional gyms here in Madeira. He actually he was a very successful entrepreneur here, and he had several gyms and then he ventured into the CrossFit. And so, anyhow, I became good friends with him.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Because I trained at his gym and, and different relationships that were established there.

Unknown Speaker 20:05
He started CrossFit at his actual main location in Madeira. And then

Unknown Speaker 20:13
I, I was kind of getting complacent in my own fitness. And then one day I did CrossFit and it sucked so bad, because it was so hard, just me off. And that competitive edge and me just kept going back and, and really what was pushing me was just certain things about my body that, you know, my shoulder was kind of giving me a hard time and I wasn't able to do certain list but I was doing because I was a wannabe bodybuilder. Yeah, and so I just started doing the CrossFit thing. And then because of who I am, in my nature, I was like, You know what, I'm gonna get certified also in CrossFit and, and so I did.

Unknown Speaker 20:50
And so that was right around the time, and I was actually going to that lawsuit. And so an opportunity had arose because there's some falling out because he had opened up

Unknown Speaker 21:00
Another location, which eventually took over, but anyways, I was I was going to the gym or about 530 I was I was teaching classes because they needed someone to fill in and I just gotten certified. So I voluntarily started teaching classes for free. And it was it was because I just loved it. I loved I loved helping people change their lives. I mean, there's, there's always a gratifying feeling when you give someone the keys to their home that they're going to make memories in. But another feeling that when you take somebody that's actually spiritually emotionally and physically broken, and you take do this little fitness journey,

Unknown Speaker 21:38
I mean, I've seen relationships restored, I've seen you know, people, their mental strength, their physical strength and their spiritual strength, come back to light. And so, my point was, was I wanted that lawsuit. That was my outlet. That was really what I just that that social element of what most people would go to the bar or do whatever

Unknown Speaker 22:00
That was my bar literally, you know, and, and I had people that I talked to. And so long story short

Unknown Speaker 22:09
Two years later, the my friend decided to start liquidating his gyms because he was going to sell all five of his gyms and so he he asked me if I wanted to buy their from him. And, you know, I already had a business and I was already pretty busy with that. But, you know, I was like, I looked at the gym and I was like, well, I just don't see myself not doing it. Even though I know it's going to be hard to it's a completely different industry. I wasn't educated on it again. I mean, yeah, I taught some classes, but we're talking about running a business here. And so it wasn't making money.

Unknown Speaker 22:50
And there was some things that I needed to overcome within the city to fulfill some conditional use permit. And so it was just a big, it was a big burden at first

Unknown Speaker 23:00
Be honest, because it just on paper, it didn't make sense. Even my accountant was like a stupid like, you know, like, Why would you do this? And I said, You know, I said it'll, it'll work. it'll eventually work. I'll make it work. Yeah, I've been in this position before. And so

Unknown Speaker 23:19
we're not we're not making it rich or anything. But I will tell you that we've, we've stayed so consistent ever since I took over about now it's been about almost three and a half years.

Unknown Speaker 23:30
And since doing that, it's actually shown promise because I'm in real estate, and I'm involved in the community. So usually, if your trainer is your real estate guy, you're going to have automatic instill trust in that person because you already know him. So that became a social network. For me that just skyrocketed my business. I have a lot of people that I actually do train at my gym and then also, that they've either having to manage their property or help them sell or buy homes. So

Unknown Speaker 24:01
I kind of just made that work for me. And so now I just kind of cross reference industry and kind of brought real estate to CrossFit. And now you know, phone miracle is miracle Realty and CrossFit Madeira. I love it, man. What? Okay, so one thing I definitely noticed about you, one thing that I definitely noticed about you is that, you know, I'm always reaching out to people who I find interesting to come on to the podcast, and and who I think would would provide a lot of value. A lot of people in fact, I would right before this recording this podcast, I was talking with somebody who, you know, they wanted to have a pre phone interview, they wanted to find out a lot more about what was going on and a lot of people are hesitant to, to say yes to things and when you when when I reached out to you, it was like, bam, you just you were you you you you

Unknown Speaker 25:00
You said you would be on the podcast I gave you the the the, the the page to schedule on the podcast and literally within less than an hour, we were already scheduled for you to come on. And most people don't take action like that. And you did you It seems to me like you are that that's a big part of who you are. And maybe I'm wrong of just doing stuff just doing it, you're going to figure it out. Is that has that always been the case? with with with how you kind of like how you're kind of mode of operation?

Unknown Speaker 25:39
Um, well, that's a good question. I would definitely say I haven't always been that way. No, not at all. You know, in the first two, two or so years of my business when I first started, I was scared of everything. And I would say no to me. I didn't I didn't even know how to tell people I owned. Miracle real jack almost felt bad or guilty.

Unknown Speaker 26:00
I felt like I was doing my dad in service because she was so great at it and I here I was sucking, you know, so

Unknown Speaker 26:08
and so, I again, when I, when I kind of had that aha moment, to the lawsuit and whatnot, I kind of I kind of again, made it like a personal thing, like, you know, life's too short to not just take on opportunities, right? Like, they may not all be the things that I want to do, but some way or somehow it's always going to be if I have a good feeling about it, it'll just work out. Yeah. Right. And then I mean, that's when when you reached out I was like, How the hell did this guy even like search do that make sure you weren't Spam

Unknown Speaker 26:43
is like legitimate? You know, I didn't know anybody watched that one so that I that I do, but I go on there about twice or three times a year that they're pretty persistent on getting me on there. But yeah,

Unknown Speaker 26:54
you know, I researched I saw that, you know, you were pretty reputable and I liked that.

Unknown Speaker 27:00
And so I again, I mean, that's that's all I had to do just to make sure that I have a good feeling because I know it would work that it would work out.

Unknown Speaker 27:07
I love that man. That is so cool. I'm glad. I'm glad. Glad that you saw that was reputable.

Unknown Speaker 27:13
No, it's totally understandable, though. I mean, if someone's reaching out, he's like, hey, couldn't be on my show that you've never heard of.

Unknown Speaker 27:23
Tell me a little bit about about your show. If you don't mind. I know it's a spotlight on me. But just

Unknown Speaker 27:29
Oh man, this is this is actually the first time that's ever happened, by the way. So So yeah, that says freedom in five minutes show. So I own a company. And its brand is freedom in five minutes. And we have what are called Virtual systems architects. And they are people who can show a video how to do something in five minutes and they document everything step by step by step into a standard operating procedure

Unknown Speaker 27:58
and the

Unknown Speaker 28:00
That's the business The show is based around but it's really based around even though right now we're talking right now getting the story and everything like that it's really based around the idea which is what I'm going to ask you in just in just a minute it have a five minute things I've noticed that just like with you what you were talking about with the lawsuit and the the decision that you made to just that like that, that there's there's so much more important much more important things in life things to be grateful for that there's always I've noticed that whenever I've had something really big happen, it's been that five minute or less decision where I'm like, no, it's going to be this way. The and so, so I try and get people who come on the show to share their the thing, the one thing or one or it could be the more but one thing that

Unknown Speaker 29:00
Took them really, you know, five minutes, like five minutes or less to make this powerful mindset shift that has affected them for the rest of their lives. So that's what the show is about. And it's also to, to hear from other business owners how they've scaled, and then how people can actually reach out to you and to do business with you and so on. So that's, that's the gist of the show.

Unknown Speaker 29:25
Awesome. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 29:28
But thanks for asking, man, that was the first time I've ever had a guest to do that. And I appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 29:32
The usually it's before or it's after, you know, so that's cool.

Unknown Speaker 29:39
So, so yeah. So the going to what the kind of the foundation of the show is, you know, what's that one thing where it could be with any of your businesses but something where you know, I you just made a decision, what could be something with your staff, it could be something where you decided to delegate something that

Unknown Speaker 30:00
You that or whatever but something that you, you're like, I'm, I'm just going to do this and you It didn't really take that long to to make the decision about you just said I'm just going to do this and it ended up being being something that has transformed your business transform your life What would you say that one thing would be?

Unknown Speaker 30:23
I think that just deciding to, to say yeah, I mean to get out there I mean, I get I stopped so reserved for so long. When I first started, I was just like, what am I gonna catch my next break? You know, I just felt like I was I was an employee of the business and and a wise person once told me, you'll never be rich when you own business, but you should be able to comfortably pay your bills. And I wasn't comfortably paying my bills either. So.

Unknown Speaker 30:54
So, I mean, I was just full of stress. And I mean, I was dealing with problems and

Unknown Speaker 31:00
I just was like, you know, in order to do this, I need to get people to buy into what I believe in. And I think that if I can, if I can stay consistent because to me, everything is consistency. Like no matter what, just as long as you show up every day, you put one foot in front of the other. That's the first freaking step, you know. And so with my businesses is when I, when I made the shift was when I was like, You know what, like, I'm ready to grow this thing. And when I when I meant grow it, it wasn't so I could be rich. It was so that way I can get a team to get a team of people that believed in the vision and the culture that I created, that I wanted to be so impactful in our community, just like when people think of miracle Realty. I don't even know what they know what we sell real estate, you know, like that, because we're just out there. You know, we're all the community events and that's like a prerequisite of being at miracle Realty.

Unknown Speaker 32:00
At CrossFit, for that matters, like if you're going to be part of my team, you have to dedicate and volunteer time to go to these events. Because we do a lot of events and to me that that's, that's where it's at is just being involved. And, and when you're when you're fortunate enough to be in a town like Madeira, where, you know, it's just under 70,000 population, and it's a one of those small niche town. It's not quite like a Hanford or, you know, not big, but it's just big enough to again, that you if you just stay involved, whether it's sponsoring the local baseball, soccer, schools, you know, the athletes, you know, when my son was wrestling for Maduro, South, just whatever I could do to participate. I mean that that, honestly, just like what you asked earlier, like, like, why did I say yes, well, because, I mean, again, every opportunity is going to be an opportunity if it's in alignment with my assignment. Yeah, right. And then

Unknown Speaker 33:00
And I learned, I learned that I learned that little, quote or verbiage motivational seminar I went to not too long ago. And that really clicked with me. Because if it's in alignment with my assignment, I don't ever want to say what is, yeah, or don't want to be sort of could have or would have, right. So again, if I if I, if I find balance with it, as long as it meets in with my alignment to my assignment, then everything else will work out.

Unknown Speaker 33:28
Everything will work out, you know, and again, to me, with businesses, anybody can go look on paper and see if the numbers make sense. But I never have taken a business over and looked at it like that. Yeah, I just look at it as Okay, this is my opportunity. And I'm, I'm one person and I can I can spread the word and I can get people to buy into the product or the culture. And again, you know, for me in America

Unknown Speaker 34:00
has been around for 41 years but I guarantee you in the last five years miracle realty has put itself back on the map here in Missouri. Or you can you can tell man you can tell by just how all your literally all over Madeira.

Unknown Speaker 34:17
It's, it's it's awesome. Like you can tell just from the community building that you've that you've done that that's that is definitely a case and I think it's absolutely amazing man.

Unknown Speaker 34:30
So how can people so what are the things you're doing now? And how can people reach out to you? If they're in the Madeira area they want they want to buy a home or if they want to do CrossFit or how can they just reach out to you in general and what are you up to?

Unknown Speaker 34:47
Okay, that's good question. So

Unknown Speaker 34:50
I'm pretty easy to get ahold of like you said you know, social media, whatever. The biggest thing about what we do is we don't just service Madeira we do service potential Valley awesome.

Unknown Speaker 35:00
We do property. We do property management also for investment homes and whatnot. So we have about 100 doors where we maintain and manage from about the upwards of Clovis down to chuck Schiller.

Unknown Speaker 35:12
But you know, whether it's for the real estate aspect, you know, miracle realty or miracle hyphen,, or cross it or any of my new ventures, which I just started a new ventures called miracle meals. And it's kind of like those healthy fit meals. So my brother's a chef by trade. And so we partnered up with a local restaurant here in Madeira. And we we cook those meals and those those meals are 600 calories or less with all the right

Unknown Speaker 35:43
ingredients, I guess you can say for all those paleo keto,

Unknown Speaker 35:47
healthy, juiciest, and then I have another joint venture with a friend of mine, and we do investment homes so we buy the flip houses. That's great. Dan Yeah, so But I mean, they can either get a hold of me through the

Unknown Speaker 36:00
website social media you know Bo miracles pretty easy to find or my office number is 559-674-0091. But yeah, typically a social media on on either IG or Facebook, it's pretty easy to get ahold of me someone's trying to reach out. I love it. I love it so so miracle dash CrossFit Miracle meals as well. I love I love the miracle meals idea, man. that's a that's a that's a really cool little gig going on.

Unknown Speaker 36:39
Makes it easy, especially when I was doing Quito, actually, not too long ago for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament that I was that I was going to be doing. And I'm like that would that would have been super helpful.

Unknown Speaker 36:52
Yeah, so but I'm going to be doing it again. So I'll probably end up reaching out to you. So you do you did

Unknown Speaker 37:00
Yeah, yeah, I just been I've only been doing it so I'm, I'm a, I'm a member of a business organization called warrior, wake up warrior. And, and so you set these 90 day targets. And my 90 day target was to do to do a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament because I hadn't done other than combatants in in the army. I didn't do really any type of jujitsu at all, but I had always wanted to. And so I'm like, I'm just gonna do a tournament and we'll see what happens and it ended up being pretty cool. Well, I won third place by default, because someone didn't show

Unknown Speaker 37:38
what it was

Unknown Speaker 37:40
that goes back to my theory about all you gotta do so. Yeah, exactly. You

Unknown Speaker 37:47
know, cuz it's funny. Because my, my coach, he's like, Oh, you know, cuz they move the upper bracket. I was supposed to be 180 to 200 bracket and they put me in 200 and above. So that

Unknown Speaker 38:00
I was going against four to 50. And I was like 197. And he's like, you know, we can go get a refund, we can go, we can go and you know, just let him know not to you know that we didn't want to move up or bracket and stuff and I'm like now let's do it. Let's see what happens is not going to do this I'll spend all this time and not do it and ended up winning, winning getting third place because of just showing up in the bracket where in the in that in that bracket where I was supposed to just get completely hammered, which I did, but it was awesome.

Unknown Speaker 38:35
It's all about it's all about the experience. And I was gonna say because at my CrossFit gym, he's a partner of mine. He he does when they're mixed martial arts out across it but they're a little just class and stuff so it's pretty cool dang see I'm gonna have to get them to stop by then guys. It's not it's not in Madeira is not too far from from where I'm at. So I'm gonna have to stop by and, and see because that's that's that's great man. That's all

Unknown Speaker 39:00
Good, that's always great

Unknown Speaker 39:03
to know because I actually want to get into probably one of my probably not this next 90 days, but 90 days after that I want to actually do a mixed martial arts match. So we'll see what happens with that so but

Unknown Speaker 39:19
it's awesome so well thanks so much for being being on the show man. I appreciate you appreciate your time. I know you're all over the place doing some amazing stuff. But But I just wanted I wanted you to be on because I thought you know, you do you have just some really amazing stuff going on. Especially the giving side of things which we don't really get to talk about and something that personally I've been lacking and I've been feeling like called to be more out there. So you're, you're kind of like

Unknown Speaker 39:50
an archetype for me when I when I see you out there like that. So it's just really cool. I'm glad that you were able to be on the show, man.

Unknown Speaker 39:59
I appreciate you having

Unknown Speaker 40:00
And how do we advertise your show or or the broadcast that we did today? Oh, just let people know about freedom in five minutes. Austin I end up showing you a

Unknown Speaker 40:14
I'll sharing a link to your actual episode so you can share that around or whatever but but yeah, man

Unknown Speaker 40:20
just yeah, I appreciate and appreciate you and you're going to give other guests a run for their money with how how giving, giving your arm because it's it's really cool. It's it's a really different feel man so I appreciate it. So. So that is the end of the episode guys. If you want to reach out to Bo he is obviously I mean literally one of the I mean, we only live we've only talked for the last 40 minutes, which even on the show, normally we go about 25 minutes. So that's how interesting you are man.

Unknown Speaker 41:00
If you want to get in touch with Bo he's super super nice if you can't tell, I've only known him this this long and I'm like, Oh man, I like this guy so much.

Unknown Speaker 41:09
So if you want to check him out, go to miracle dash Realty. com CrossFit and miracle meals You can also check them out on Instagram and Facebook, just search for miracle realty in Madeira, miracle miracle realty Madeira and Google and he'll pop right up. So all that being said, Guys, it was great being on this episode and we will see you on the next freedom in five minutes episode.