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Freedom in Five Minutes

Apr 1, 2020

Botting” is the process of using software automation to perform tasks. It’s a very popular tool in social media. However, it is frowned upon among video game consumers and developers.

There is a proper time and situation to use bots. To name a few: in business systems and processes, and in social media interactions. It is important that you know exactly in which situations you should offload your tasks and automate them so that you are able to scale personal attention.


Automated Transcript Below:

Dean Soto  0:00  

Hey. This is Dean Soto – founder of and and we're here again with another Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast episode. 


Dean Soto  0:14  

Today's topic is this: How Multiplayer Online Video Games Teach You to be a Massive Consumer. That and more, coming up. 


Dean Soto  0:32  

Good morning! Hey. So, if you have not gone to Google and typed in Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast you better go do that right now. If you go to Google, type in Freedom In Five minutes Podcast, and you type in Apple Podcasts after that... Freedom In Five Minutes Apple Podcasts. It'll take you to the place where you can subscribe to this podcast on Apple iTunes. You could do the same thing with Spotify. Do that. Type in Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast Spotify or Stitcher or many, many other places. You'll be able to get this whenever you want on your mobile device and anything else. You'll be subscribed and you'll get the latest and greatest. You will absolutely love it.


Dean Soto  1:27  

So every now and again. I get this hankering. I get this hankering for some botting. That doesn't even make sense—botting. B-O-T-T-I-N-G. There are games out there where that is a big no-no. Nobody. Don't you bot? 


Dean Soto  1:56  

What the heck is a bot? What are you talking about? Botting. Dean? Well, a bot is something that is essentially a robot that does all of the things for you. It gives you all of the... it basically runs the game, and does all of the quests and does all of this stuff for you. Now, why is that a bad thing? It's a bad thing because they want you to consume and they want you to play fair, right? They want you to play fair in this game. 


Dean Soto  2:30  

Well, for a long time, I actually can't believe it's already been almost two years. For a long time, I've been playing this game called Final Fantasy 14. Really cool game. The whole Final Fantasy series is a really neat series. I actually play the Final Fantasy series with my oldest daughter, we're actually playing Final Fantasy seven. They are going to be making a remake of Final Fantasy seven which is good. It'd be pretty interesting and cool. But we are playing Final Fantasy seven. 


Dean Soto  3:06  

The thing that we love about these types of games... not all of them. Not all of the Final Fantasy series is that great. But for the most part, the storylines are really really cool. And it has a lot of emotional and very archetypal images. And one of our favorite games is a game called Chrono Trigger. Which is pretty dang... I love that game. Anyway, I digress. So for the past two years, I've enjoyed playing this game not because of the storyline, but because I'm able to easily bot the game. I'm able to easily automatically do things within the game where I can program some bots to go and do various things, there's a lot of tools that you can do that you can use that allow you to do that. 


Dean Soto  4:12  

Well, the other night... Every now and then I'll stop the subscription because it does get expensive, especially if you try and run four bots at the same time. So it can run its own party. It's doing all that stuff all by itself, within a party of four different robots. 


Dean Soto  4:32  

So I'm going through this fantasy land and doing all that jazz. And I turn off the computer and they're running these dungeons where really nobody's supposed to be able to even know. Like, be able to see you. You can run this. Let this thing run and nobody's gonna catch you botting or anything like that. And this morning, I woke up. And I see a little message from someone named "applesauce". Which is can name your character whatever you want. But it said, "H Max Bot? LOL." which I'm guessing is some type of bot software or something like that. Some different types of software that I use. 


Dean Soto  5:24  

And I'm like, "Ah, crud." Like, how does someone catch me? Because what they can do is they can then report you. And then you'll get your account suspended. And I've had my account suspended many many times. And usually, after a while though, they won't even tell me sometimes how long they're going to suspend. They just suspend and you have to go with it, whatever it is. And then after a while, I'll go and try to log into one of my accounts and I'm Like, "Oh, cool, I'm back." I'm guessing the reason they do that is because it's money. They're getting their money. They're suspending for 7 days or 30 days or whatever. But they're like "Yeah you know we don't mind having the money." It's not that big of a deal. You know because you have people... Anyway all that being said... Why am I even saying this? So I see this person and my initial reaction is like "Dang, all that work. All that. Now, I have to go back to do all this again and then I have to go back to not..." I don't play the game by itself like I just have to go back to doing something else and you know, waiting it out and stuff.


Dean Soto  6:40  

Like that sucks. You know, I just started up again, just started botting and one of the things that personally I love in this whole systems thing that goes on with the business. I love seeing things work by themselves and knowing that in the background, it's doing the work for me. It's giving value, right? 


Dean Soto  7:04  

Well, these massively multiplayer online games they want you to consume. They want you to sit there literally for hours and hours and hours and hours a day and they want you to get so consumed. That when a new gear comes out or new bonuses comes out: new extensions, new expansions, etc... You're going to be one of the first to grab them because you want that extra edge right? You want that extra thing or that new piece of entertainment. 


Dean Soto  7:47  

They want you to have that going on in your head. And literally, if I look... So these characters are maxed out now. Maxed out characters essentially, for the most part. And if I were to sit there and max out just one of these characters, sit there, doing it all alone, pressing the button. I literally... if I count the number of hours, it's in the hundreds, if not thousands, of hours on this thing, and that's what they want you to do. 


Dean Soto  8:33  

They want you to if you're mining for gold and for resources and things, they want you traveling by yourself over to the thing, pressing the button a couple of times, go into the next one, pressing another button a couple of times and going into the next one pressing another button. They want you fighting, they want you doing the quest, they want you doing all of that stuff. Because the more that they can suck you into that repetition. The more that they're able to consume off of you, like a vampire, and don't get me wrong like it's business right? it's business. 


Dean Soto  9:09  

It's part of the success of this game, so to speak. And you know, they also want you to... they want things to be a little bit fair, right? They want people who who are doing this to not feel like "Hey, but this guy over here...I'm playing on this PlayStation but this guy on the PC, he's able to bot and I'm sitting here for hours and hours and hours and this guy is able to just do you know, press a button and let the thing go. That's not fair."


Dean Soto  9:45  

Which is totally understandable. But it's the same thing as in businesses. This is what I'm preaching on. Oh, man. Same thing in business. This is so important because a lot of other businesses—a lot of businesspeople say because I have friends who run multi-million dollar businesses and some of them literally think it's not fair. It's not fair to have something that is just doing its thing like a bot. A business that's just doing its thing. And it's funny because I used to have this weird thing where these guys were making millions. My friends are making millions. People that I look up to, they're making millions of dollars in revenue, it's amazing. And here I am, you know, building a cathouse. Here I am spending most of my time in the morning chatting with my family having breakfast, going out, building a cat house, cutting down poison ivy, doing all this stuff. And this is not real. This is not like this is not the way it should be in business, but it's actually the opposite. Where they're like, more and more they're like, "Man I wish I had the cheat code like that." And I'm like you can! Why do you think you can't do that? Why do you think you can't get the cheat code? Some of them have. Some of them got Virtual Systems Architects from Freedom In Five Minutes and And they did get the cheat code. 


Dean Soto  11:45  

But some feel like it's cheating, some feel like, there's a little bit of a botting situation, right? That you would find with some of these types of video games. So why am I bringing this up? One was just the fact that I'm like, "Oh crap." That I got caught yet again. So I'm sure my $15 per bot or whatever for the month is going to be wasted a little bit because they will not let me play for a while. 


Dean Soto  12:22  

Two, it shows you that we are taught even in video games. Not everything is taught in school. We're taught in video games. We're taught in a lot of different ways that we have to be the ones to do everything. That's the only fair way. 


Dean Soto  12:50  

We have to be the ones. You're the one with the skill. You're the one summoning the health angel of whatever...Asgard. You're the one that can do the ice spell. You're the only one that can do all of that because you're the hero. You're the hero of Final Fantasy 17,000. No, you're a zero. 


Dean Soto  13:21  

If you're literally spending our like thousands of hours doing something that somebody else could do or something that you could program you're not. And I'm not taking away from your creativity. This is funny because as I'm doing speaking engagements, this is one of the things that comes up a lot. That you are the creative one. Create! You create the systems. You create the environment, the systems, the processes, all of that. 


Dean Soto  13:52  

And now, you then are able to make that into a process that someone can do. And you can see this happen over and over with things that people think is absolutely impossible. Right? But not only that, it is having the internal side where you're okay with doing that. You're okay with offloading. You're okay with giving somebody else the keys to the Ferrari that you've built with your own hands, your own custom Ferrari that nobody else has in the entire world. 


Dean Soto  14:37  

You're okay with handing the keys over to that. And so, what now is something that you're doing, could be watching Netflix. It could be playing massively multiplayer online games. It could be stuff in your business that you won't simply let go of. Even though you could, what are some things right now that are consuming your time when they really don't need to. 


Dean Soto  15:14  

I want you to be suspended from doing that. I want you to be banned from doing that for 30 days. But give it a try. Give it a try. Give "create" a process. Create a process document. If you have a Virtual Systems Architect, you can do that in five minutes. Start getting that going. Because the sooner you get started getting that going, the sooner you're going to be able to absolutely enjoy the massively multiplayer game of life. 


Dean Soto  15:49  

Alright, so this is Dean Soto. I'm going to continue my walk with the Luna Meister. So if you haven't checked out, go check that out. We have a business process scorecard. We have a masterclass there. Actually, I also have a four video series over at I'm gonna be doing a lot of cool automation in the next few weeks that's going to be really surprising. 


Dean Soto  16:15  

We're gonna see all the things you can do when you start trying to scale yourself and systemize yourself and scale, as Jermaine Griggs would say, my mentor. Scale Personal Attention. I will catch you in the next Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast episode.