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Freedom in Five Minutes

Apr 20, 2020

Have you ever met people who give you the wrong idea — or worse, tell you that you are wrong even though you are right? Life is riddled with these types of people and they can be your closest family and friends!

Now, this does not mean that these people are lying to you. Most of them actually mean well. They simply had no idea that they were being untrue. This is simply group thinking. In this episode, Dean talks about how thinking outside the box can lead to better ways of doing things for your business and personal life.


Automated Transcription Below

Dean Soto  0:00  

Hey, this is Dean Soto — founder of and P R O S U L U M .com and we are here again with another Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast episode. Today's topic is this: They Lied to You but They had No Idea that They were Dishonest. That and more coming up. 


Dean Soto  0:38  

Good morning. Good to be back. Good to be here with you. I'm eating some miner's lettuce. Miner's lettuce is some plant that grows out in the wild where we are at. Right here. So, I'm on my walk with the Luna Meister. We get to enjoy some of this succulent, succulent miner's lettuce.


Dean Soto  1:02  

Huh? So delicious.


Dean Soto  1:05  

Um, good morning. Luna has not been on a walk in like two days. And she's going cray-cray! She is crazy running around and going nuts! That's what we do. We enjoy that. We allow her to do that. We allow her to be free! Luna be free! Go! Go find them coyotes, doggy! Go get them. 


Dean Soto  1:33  

So I was a very bad student. I was a very very very bad student as far as I can remember. It was funny I am — as far back as I remember, I just did not fit in well at school. I did not like it. And I don't think it was because I was a dummy — at least I hope I wasn't. 


Dean Soto  2:00  

When I was younger they were testing me to put me into GATE which is for smart people I guess. And it was funny. I remember I was in the Assistant Principal's office at Clegg Elementary School in Huntington Beach. One of the tests that they gave me, I had apparently passed all their tests. But they gave me this test of putting a puzzle of a girl together — like a little girl. She had a little pink dress or whatever it was. And so funny. And so, they gave me this test. But it wasn't like, you put this puzzle where you have the slots or anything like that. He gave me all the pieces, and I had to do it free form on a table. 


Dean Soto  3:10  

And so I'm putting the puzzle pieces together. And at the very end, I put the girl's legs so that her legs and her feet were both, you know, attached. And so when I saw her, I put her legs with her feet facing inward. You know, have you ever seen though, you know, in most comics and things like that when the girls are trying to be like very girly and very pretty. They kind of draw them–  with their feet kind of inward, right? 


Dean Soto  3:47  

Oh. Well, that was wrong! At least according to him. So he said, No, no, no. The feet go outward. You cannot be in GATE. You cannot be with smart people. 


Dean Soto  4:04  

And so I started my journey of absolutely hating and loathing school. At least public school. So from that point forward, it was the beginning of the end. Pretty much every year after year after year after year after year, I was nothing but trouble. I was extremely bored. I just could not handle it, except for the eighth grade. 


Dean Soto  4:39  

Eighth grade, I've resolved you know — I'm going to actually do the work. I actually learned. I actually did what they wanted me to do because my poor grandma at the time was like, I cannot handle this. So I ended up getting an honor roll in eighth grade. I did really, really well. And I ended up getting into freshman year of college and it was Mr. Wilford of Marina High School, he's probably still there. 


Dean Soto  5:08  

He taught electronics. I was excited. I was actually pretty excited. I, you know, I'm like, Okay, well, you know, I'll just keep going and keep getting honor rolls. This stuff is gonna be great. 


Dean Soto  5:20  

And so I took this electronics class. I thought, oh, electronics sounds really interesting. And we got this test. And the test was one of those where you pick the letter, and there's literally no way you can pick the answer. It could be two of the same letters. So say you had, you know, 15 letters, you had 15 or 26 questions and 26 answers, right. And each answer corresponded with a letter in the alphabet. 


Dean Soto  5:57  

Well, huh, Logically, there would be no way to do a double letter right there in that case, since each one — each answer corresponds to a single letter. It's kind of like a mixed-up / jumble thing. 


Dean Soto  6:14  

So I went and I finished my test. I almost got a perfect score. And the reason why I did not get a perfect score on this test was that my T — the letter T had a little bit of a hook on it. And so Mr. Wilford said it was wrong. That's an F that you're trying to do right there. 


Dean Soto  6:48  

I said, No, it's not an F that I'm trying to do. I did an F over here. It could not possibly be an F because you can only have one letter for every answer. I said, sometimes that's just the way my T's come out. It has a tiny little hook. 


Dean Soto  7:06  

He said, No, that's an F there, that's an F. 


Dean Soto  7:09  

And I'm like, No, seriously, there, that's not an F. Logically, it cannot be any other thing, but a T. 


Dean Soto  7:17  

He said, Nope. It's an F. And so you're not going to get that perfect score. 


Dean Soto  7:25  

And I was livid. I was like, all right, done. You know what? I'm done with this crap. You know, the injustice, the injustice of it all. I'm done. I am not going to. I'm done. I'm done with that. If that's how it's going to be. And that's how it's going to be. 


Dean Soto  7:50  

And so from then on, once again, back on track to being a horrible, naughty student. Well, all throughout that time, I hear, you're going to fail out of high school, you're not going to be able to get into college. You're not going to get a good job. You're not going to get this. You're not going to... Dean. You're doing it wrong. You're being very bad. 


Dean Soto  8:17  

And yeah, I mean, yeah, I was disobeying my Grandma at the time. And so, I totally get that. And I understand that. However, the thing was that in my junior year of college, close to my senior years, like the second half of junior, close a senior year in college. 


Dean Soto  8:43  

They said, Dean, you know what, you're dumb, dumb. You are a dummy, so you're gonna go to adult school.


Dean Soto  8:51  

And I'm like, Okay, great. Now, you know, I'm a dum dum. 


Dean Soto  8:56  

I've already been beaten down already. Might as well beat me down some more, right? Well, I get to an adult school. And it's right next to Merde Park, right where I love to play basketball. I picked up games of basketball. And I get into the adult school and I see it's literally one building, like one small building with an open room, like large desks everywhere. 


Dean Soto  9:17  

And I'm like, What is this interesting place? So I went in and they gave me an orientation. And they say that, yeah, all you do is you go and get a packet from whatever class you want to get credit for. You get the packet and you start doing the packet. You can spend as much time as you need, just go ahead and start to open it up. And there are teachers on the outside — on the outer rim of the class and just above their thing. It'll say English it will say history, it'll say whatever. They'll be able to help you If you have any questions. They'll also be the ones that grade your tests. 


Dean Soto  10:04  

And I'm like, So you're telling me that I can just go grab one of these little packets? And if it takes me a week to do it, I get the semester credit? 


Dean Soto  10:17  

Yeah, yeah. No, yeah. As long as it takes you to actually do it. You get it. 


Dean Soto  10:22  

I'm like, What the heck? Why did I not do this three years ago? Why did nobody tell me this? They all said you had to go to high school. And I can actually get my college — like I can actually get my high school diploma doing this? 


Dean Soto  10:39  

Yeah, yeah. Not GED. No, yeah, you can get your high school diploma. 


Dean Soto  10:46  

What the heck! That's crazy! And so I blew through those packets. And I wish I knew about that earlier.


Dean Soto  10:57  

Well, I came to find out that same thing. That same type of thing can happen in college with CLEP testing — college level examination program testing. I did the same thing in college. I'm like, all I have to do is go take this test that's like two hours long, and I'll get credit for my lower-division classes. Yeah. That's awesome. Blew through those — it was like 100 bucks each. I didn't have to pay to have to go to semester's worth of college and anything that I didn't pass, that's when online stuff started coming out. So I went to Coastline Community College for that. I got those out of the way. Oh, it was awesome. 


Dean Soto  11:46  

But over and over and over again, to this day, even in business. I see that same thing happening. You have to do it this way. This is the way it must be done. Everybody has to do it this way. If you don't do it. You're a bad bad, bad, bad. 


Dean Soto  12:03  

And 99% of the time, it's wrong. Right? This is all through life. 


Dean Soto  12:11  

Oh, yeah. You know, one you have to go to college. You're gonna have to pay for all your kids' college. No. Why? Why? 


Dean Soto  12:23  

Oh, you have to, you know your kids. You have to go to a private school or public school. No. Why? 


Dean Soto  12:36  

You have to have employees in order to have a big functioning business. Mm-hmm. No. Why? 


Dean Soto  12:49  

If you need a copywriter or if you need someone who's good at copywriting and sales. You need somebody who has lots of experience in copywriting sales. No Why? 


Dean Soto  13:01  

Over and over and over again. It's been shown, at least anecdotally, through my experience, that most of the "What we're taught is BS." 


Dean Soto  13:20  

And so I don't trust Luna out there. She is staring at me. 


Dean Soto  13:29  

So now, were all those people lying? No. Some might have been, but a lot of these people literally didn't know any better. 


Dean Soto  13:41  

And there are a lot of things that I do that I didn't know any better. Right? So the idea that ... Here's the main point behind this. We are trusting and when you're listening to what is essentially the status quo, you're gonna find that if you do a little bit of research, just a little bit of research. That's right, honey, that it's wrong. It doesn't mean that they're lying to you. It's just groupthink. 


Dean Soto  14:28  

And so you want to have as little groupthink as possible, get away from the groupthink. By doing that, you can start building businesses that automate themselves, you can start building businesses that are way different than anything else that's out there. 


Dean Soto  14:45  

Like, I'm part of a — Yeah, I'll leave this actually for another time. 


Dean Soto  14:52  

But just start doing things differently. The more different you can be in what you do, the more you're going to see that there are powerful, easy ways, much easier ways to get something done than traditional people think are


Unknown Speaker  15:15  

Luna No, no.


Dean Soto  15:21  

She's trying to get to our feral cats right now. We're gonna put you in your crate. Go crate. Go crate. If you're gonna do that, you need to go crate. No. 


Dean Soto  15:39  

But I just challenge you this week. I challenge you this week. You know, if there's something like with your kids or with your business, where you're like, oh, it has to be this way. That you kind of just examine, just examine for a little bit, whether or not it's true that it has to be that way. 


Dean Soto  15:59  

More often than not, you're going to find that it's absolutely not true. And there's a much faster, easier way of doing stuff. This is why we have the VSAs at and Freedom In Five, right? 


Dean Soto  16:13  

A much faster, much better, much cheaper way of building your business than your typical employee. And yeah, I just challenge you this week. Look at the things you're doing and ask yourself, Is there a better way? Is this the only way to do it? 


Dean Soto  16:30  

You're gonna find just through a little bit of research, that there are much faster, much easier ways often to do things that you thought there was only one way. Alright, this is Dean Soto of I will go check you out. Well, you go check that out. 


Dean Soto  16:48  

But I will see you in the next Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast episode.