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Freedom in Five Minutes

May 4, 2020

Plant seeds for your business by constantly posting your content. Doing this lets you develop a backbone for prospects to funnel through.

It does not matter if the content that you are putting out there is short form. The important thing is that you are constantly sharing your ideas for prospects to see.


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Dean Soto 0:00:00

Hey, this is Dean Soto, founder of and and we're here again with another Freedom In Five Minutes podcast episode. Today's topic is this: The Key is to Sow as Many Seeds as Possible. That and more coming up.


Dean Soto 0:00:30

Well, good morning on this chilly day. It's overcast. Hopefully, it starts raining over here. We’re out with the Luna Meister doing our normal walk. She's sniffing around. We are at it again.


Dean Soto 0:00:44

So, when I first started doing anything entrepreneurial, I ran across a guy who is obviously very popular. Pretty much everyone knows him in the business world and that is Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk. When I first started, I read his book Crush It. Crush It.


Dean Soto 0:01:11

So, I read his book Crush It and I immediately started — or so I thought — crushing it. I just was putting out a whole bunch of different content. I was reaching out to a whole bunch of people. I was literally killing myself trying to build my business at the time.


Dean Soto 0:01:33

One of the things that I noticed right away was that it was very difficult. It was extremely difficult and I was literally like killing myself. I'd be up to one or two because you know he even talks about in the book like oh you should be up at all hours of the night.


Dean Soto 0:01:56

A big part of that — I actually for a few years ended up not liking Gary Vaynerchuk at All. I honestly didn't because I was burning myself out a ton mainly because I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't have any sales experience and I didn't have really much of anything else and so I'd be up late.


Dean Soto 0:02:28

If you go and search, you'll see some of my older Pro Sulum videos where I'd be up at 1 o'clock 2 o'clock in the morning talking about gosh I forgot what that Google product was. It was like a Google communication product.


Dean Soto 0:02:45

Sorry, I’m eating some miners lettuce right now. What was that? It kind of — almost kind of looks like slack but anyway... They shut it down a long time ago and I was talking about that and how it only just really kind of random things. But those YouTube videos are still out there where I was trying to put out all this massive amount of content but really having no place for you to put the gas. The gas would just kind of spill all over the place.


Dean Soto 0:03:19

If you had a car and you went to the gas station and you didn't know where the actual gas tank was and so you just kind of start spraying the car with gas hoping that somehow the gas is going to get inside the car somehow.


Dean Soto 0:03:38

Of course, you look retarded which is exactly the way I looked. But you know, you're spraying gasoline all over this car and because of that, you end up just making yourself look like an idiot and your car doesn't work. That's the same way it was for me. I didn't really have a sales system. I didn't have anything to sell people and so it was just this massive amount of content but nowhere for them to go and actually buy things which would then sustain me to continue to do more content and back and forth back.


Dean Soto 0:04:21

For a long time, I avoided doing content in general because of that very reason I avoided. I had burned myself out so much that I would do content, I would see some results and then I'd stop and I do content I see some results and then I would stop because I just really didn't like that feeling of I really didn't like that feeling of you know I don't want to put it off of starting and burning myself out with all of this content that's being put outright.


Dean Soto 0:04:59

Well after a while I definitely noticed when people did. When content was being made on a regular basis, people did interact and found it valuable. You're always your worst critic. And so, I'm thinking, “Whatever it's not that big of a deal. I'm not that great at whatever it is I'm trying to explain.”


Dean Soto 0:05:29

But over and over again as long as the content was being put out, people were refining value of some sort over time. But I still would consistently stop. I would consistently just put something out and then stop. I was a good consistent stopper because I really didn't have a system for all of that content.


Dean Soto 0:05:54

Fast forward today, I have a system that was developed by me as well as it was developed by — it was actually refined by my core 5 staff really really well. It was made into something that's really really awesome.


Dean Soto 0:06:19

So, whenever these podcasts go out, they do the blog post into transcripts. They do the show notes. They do all this different stuff and it turns into something that's really awesome.


Dean Soto 0:06:31

That allows me to focus on the content while they create the backbone around it and what's been really neat is that it's allowed me to sow seeds.


Dean Soto 0:06:47

It's allowed me to sow a lot of different seeds whether it's video or audio. I'm going to be into some more video type stuff so that when videos come out there will be clips and there'll be different things like that based around those videos and put on two different types of content syndication formats and things like that.


Dean Soto 0:07:16

But one thing that has allowed me to see is that the more you sow, the more that you're going to reap. Now, one of my mentors Jermaine Griggs mentioned before is that done is better than perfect. Done is always better than perfect. The more that you are able to just put something out there and obviously you don't want it to be crappy but the more that you're able to put something out there for the world to see and the more chances there are that somebody's going to see it and find value.


Dean Soto 0:07:57

In fact, just recently I've been hammering LinkedIn with content because I want out not just because of lead generation which that's a big part is there's literally no way I can continue doing what I'm doing unless I had customers coming through multiple channels right.


Dean Soto 0:08:17

There is literally no way it's just not going to happen. It's not possible. But I hammer LinkedIn because that is where I can meet and interact with my target market — the people that would find the most value in what I'm talking about, what I'm saying, what I'm doing.


Dean Soto 0:08:47

So much so that not only — so I'll give you kind of a seek the secret sauce at least for now of the way that we target LinkedIn and I might actually end up changing this in the next few weeks to even be more powerful because I have been seeing results and I have been able to bless people who have become clients of ProSulum through LinkedIn — through that avenue.


Dean Soto 0:09:24

The first and foremost is that I try to automate as much as possible the actual connections in LinkedIn so this is my way of sowing seeds. If you've listened to past podcasts you'll know that there are three ways of automation.


Dean Soto 0:09:47

There's the manual automation — something that has to be done by someone. There's automatic automation, the technological automation where something can be done completely by a computer program.


Dean Soto 0:09:59

And then, there's the hybrid automation where part of it's done by a computer program or some kind of automated thing. And the other part of it's done by the person.


Dean Soto 0:10:18

It's kind of a mix of the two. Well, with the LinkedIn automation I utilized a lot of stuff to connect with people — to reach out and endorse people, add value to people's lives and then I also have a calendar that is more of a manual automation thing where I create content based around a specific topic every day and that content all of that allows me to connect with the right people.


Dean Soto 0:10:50

It allows me to scale. It allows me to scale the messages that I put out on a regular basis and it allows me to then sell over time the concepts that I have so that's to bless more and more people over time.


Dean Soto 0:11:20

So, all that being said, I have all these things going on from that automation standpoint. I create all this content, and put all this stuff out and this is not about me.


Dean Soto 0:11:40

Look at all the stuff that I'm doing you can do this too in your respective platform where you can utilize all these different tools to kind of till the soil so to speak. And then so when you are planting seeds when you are putting content out there when you are asking for a sale when you are talking about your business the soil is already tilled so that you've given so much value ahead of time.


Dean Soto 0:12:07

When somebody's ready to buy, they buy not because you had to sell them on the spot and you know they didn't have buyer's remorse and things like that but because you have given so much value ahead of time that they are they have really now had no choice not to buy because they see that, “Wow if you're giving away all this value why would I not — like, whatever I'm buying from you has to be even better, right?”


Dean Soto 0:12:38

What's the point of all this? The whole point of all this is that once you have developed kind of a system like a backbone to keep. to that where you know where you're gonna send people in order for them to purchase and to put fuel into the car that is your business once you have figured that out. And the more that you can put ideas out there on a regular basis and it could be short short short ideas. 


Dean Soto 0:13:12

If you ever go to my LinkedIn profile and you check the content that goes out, it's relatively short like all my videos are less than 10 minutes long. Purposely because of LinkedIn all of my posts are relatively short.


Dean Soto 0:13:31

I share a lot of different things that are interesting to me and comment on them — kind of curate them. And it's through that — it's through that that I'm able to share, I'm able to get people on board on my mentality — and kind of indoctrinated into a different way of thinking that's going to benefit them and over time it just means more and more clients more and more customers. 


Dean Soto 0:14:10

and so what can you do right now in your perspective foot platform whether it's LinkedIn or Twitter or Facebook or wherever where you can just continually sow seeds where you can continually sow more and more seeds that allow your company to grow that allows your company to bless other people.


Dean Soto 0:14:31

I want to challenge you to do that right now. I do have this one calendar. It's not mine and I'm not gonna get any affiliate income from this at all but I think her name is Lindsey Padilla it's on Wednesday. It's called On Course Social. She has a really good calendar for like the next three years It will give you ideas of what to post every day for your social media accounts and I found that it has been awesome so definitely want to check that out and yeah I would just Google search her. I think it's Lindsay Padilla. Do a Google search on that pretty awesome resource. It works well and it only gives you one tip a day so you gotta have to fill in everything else. But it's a great start.


Dean Soto 0:15:37

What can you do? What seeds can use today in your business and in your platform that allows other people to find a ton of value in what you're doing? All right, so this is Dean Soto I'm gonna finish the rest of my day and I will see you in the next Freedom In Five Minutes podcast episode.