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Freedom in Five Minutes

May 11, 2020

The concept of giving is more of an attitude of generosity. Always be generous with people that you come in contact with and add so much value that the people who receive your kindness feel compelled to be your cheerleaders and ambassadors.


In this episode, Dean chats with friend and business partner, Paul Tran, about giving people the potential to be your raving fans and make them want to help you.


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Dean Soto 0:00:00

Hey, this is Dean Soto founder of and and we're here again with another Freedom In Five Minutes podcast episode. Today's topic is this: Giving So Much Without Expecting Anything in Return. That and more, coming up.


Dean Soto 0:00:29

Well, guys check this out. I have a special guest here today. I am NOT on my acreage running around with the Luna Mister. In fact, I am in some kind of industrial-type area with a lot of cars. We're at Toyota-thon guys.


Dean Soto 0:00:46

That's the way it looks over here it's Toyota-thon no we are actually at a Toyota dealership because Mr. Paul Tran got a flat tire right before we were going to speak. Of course, that didn't stop us but I have with us as a result of that beautiful gift of a flat tire.


Dean Soto 0:01:09

Mr. Paul Tran, how's it going my man?


Paul Tran 0:01:12

Good. It's good. Whenever I got that flat tire I thought of you know how we both are fans of Chaco Willing is his strategy have you heard of his concept of good? No matter what happens in your life always end it with good.


Paul Tran 0:01:26

If I today I was late for work good I got to spend more time with my family or I got a flat tire good I got to like appreciate people's help you know whatever happens just end up with good because it reframes your positive attitude.


Dean Soto 0:01:42

That's actually pretty cool. I love that. I love that. I'm at Toyota-thon good I am NOT gonna get another Toyota. I like Toyotas but I'm not in the market but yeah I still feel it makes me feel really good but um so interesting thing happened today so we were speaking out we work in boardwalk which was in Newport California right


Paul Tran 0:02:05

Irvine Irvine


Dean Soto 0:02:07

Irvine California and it was cool because there's a guy who got us into the whole WeWork space a guy by the name of Daniel. Can I share his name?


Paul Tran 0:02:18

Yeah okay.


Dean Soto 0:02:20

A guy by the name of Daniel Apple and he works for a company called TriNet who they are awesome by the way if you have a company that is doing anything HR-wise, TriNet is friggin amazing they run they do all the HR stuff for Paul's halal you know 20 million dollar halal guys restaurants that he owns and stuff like that and they just been pretty amazing


Paul Tran 0:02:40

right yep they also did payroll and did HR strategy for Netflix and its heyday so they just pretty much help you know maneuver all the HR pitfalls for a starting company because you know as you know you're in the business not to — unless you're in the HR business you're not in the business to process payroll you're in the business to serve people and do what you do uniquely so trying it kind of takes all that off of your plate so that you can focus 


Dean Soto 0:03:07

I love that so yeah go check out so Daniel Apple which all once I post this on LinkedIn I’ll actually tag him on there so if you're if you want to check him out he's awesome great guy him and William Chiem C H I E M guys


Dean Soto 0:03:26.019,0:03:30.549

Yeah, both are awesome and the reason why we're bringing them up both of them is that so they got us into we work and the interesting thing is that Paul and I so hearing Paul actually reached out to me and said hey do you want to start speaking out we work I have this contact and he's you know he has a lot of people in there that he worked with and could get us into doing some speaking engagements to share all the whole VSA concept — the Virtual Systems Architects if you go to you get to check those out so he so we're talking about he's talking about this guy and I'm like oh that's awesome so like what's the catch what's the catch and it's been how many months like six months?


Paul Tran 0:04:14

yeah it's been about four months


Dean Soto 0:04:16

four months of doing these talks and I'm still waiting for the catch that's the interesting thing literally William and Daniel both got us into this spot and then have literally asked for nothing in return but it was interesting because every single time we've done any type of talk


Dean Soto 0:04:42

I know I always bug Paul I'm like we should have Daniel talk in the beginning we should have Bill talk in the beginning we should look how can I give back to Bill how can I give back to Daniel huh and to the point where I referred people to him and he literally has never asked for a referral whatsoever he's just been giving giving giving giving giving and it would today be the first time where he actually shared his dirty little secret with me after he after I had talked to him about somebody who I had actually referred and who looks like might actually be signing up with TriNet and I love for Paul to gotta give that little dirty little secret that he's shared today.


Paul Tran 0:05:24

well I mean pretty much the the concept was it's more of a an attitude of generosity like give so much be so generous with people that you come in contact with always add so much value that the people who receive your generosity they have no choice and not no choice but they feel so compelled to just be cheerleaders and ambassadors for you and create raving fans and just want to help you you know all this time you know Dean and I were always just figuring how did it benefit them how to take good care of them and you know the concept was pretty much I guess based on the book that they go giver and the concept was this like give more value than you capture provide more value than you capture like the the byproduct the referrals the business the growth all that stuff is a byproduct that takes care of itself similar to the concept of if you're doing the right thing for clients like the monies of natural Byproduct so his generosity his continued generosity to us has been so enormous and so over abundantly overflowing we abundant that we just want to help him out all the time like we're not even working for TriNet we just want to help him out and give him as much business as possible because of that philosophy 


Dean Soto 0:06:45

yeah it's funny because he's even like he's was even like he's like yeah yeah dude you know if anyone now signs up will even give you a little you know I can give you like some kind of kickback or something like that I'm like dude no honestly you've given so much to us there's like it's already like we feel already in debt and that's literally what I told him today because it was cool because it just kind of came up out of the blue the the whole concept that he shared but it's super powerful it's something and quite honestly for me it's something and I don't know if it's because I grew up pretty poor I mean we went from you know hotel to hotel and how's it going guys we went from hotel to hotel and motel in the motel and never you know it was I grew up reporter so a lot of the times for me I tend to hold on to things I tend to like be more about me than about other people and just seeing just seeing like this I mean you've taught you Paul have taught me to give and to give and stuff like that but like even even with this I was like I mean literally every time we came down it was it was I had in my mind like what are they getting out of this I even asked Bill a couple times like what are you getting out of this what are you getting out of this and you know we want to help you and he's and he's just like oh I don't just long game don't worry about it and I'm like this is crazy but now it's funny because now you're starting to see the reaping of what he what those two have actually already sowed you know


Paul Tran 0:08:11

Yeah and but I mean it does start with just being someone who's generous and being a kind person with a positive attitude like if you're just in it truly just for that ulterior motive, yeah people smell it out and it'll debilitate any efforts that you make so you actually got to be a really kind good person and be super sincere about wanting to just truly help someone with no expectation in return that's the prerequisite.


Dean Soto 0:08:42

that's interesting like I could totally see that as well like if people know you're doing that just to get something that that that could be more detrimental at times but yeah like the I mean why like why is this important I mean it's important because a lot of times we're in business obviously we're in business to make money to feed our families to grow the business and so on and so forth but you know that doesn't need to come at the cost of a that doesn't need to come at the cost of giving before receiving you know even jesus said that's better to give than to receive the the whole idea is that that your mode is like because no matter what with a business you have to give that value anyway there the money your value should just in general with your business be more valuable than the money that they're paying they need to get a return on their investment and so that's a huge huge thing and it's so important to just have that in mind of I'm giving no matter what I have to find a way to give more value than receive right 


Paul Tran 0:09:52

yeah and the trick is to I think because we as business people we need to manage our numbers and we need to measure things and whatever measure is measured and proves right all right but the trick here is you know culture things like generosity are really hard to measure but I find it funny that those are the most important so I'd say focus on things are a little it's it's okay to focus on things they're a little bit harder to measure yeah cuz those are the ones that usually probably every other business person is not measuring either so that's you're a competitive edge as well


Dean Soto 0:10:24

Yeah for sure and you know on the on the flip side of things the cool thing is you can actually systemize a lot of this type of giving there there are many ways like the reactive campaign attaching these active campaign to different things like Thankster or Zen Direct or other places you can actually systemize the giving to your customers based off of how much they buy based off of you know who hold a number of data points and stuff so if it's hard for you because it really is hard for me to give like I have to systemize giving to where it's actually out of my head and it just constantly get on a regular basis so like my challenge to you right now is if you have a business or just in general even with your family how much are you giving before receiving you know are you giving love notes to your wife are you giving love notes to your children every day are you giving you know free things to your your your clients or reaching out to them and just saying hey appreciate you or things like that like how much are you actually doing that and that's the challenge this week is to to put that as a priority and see over time just how much that gives back and that allows you to to grow as a business and to grow as a as a person in general but but yeah that's the challenge this week. Paul, do you have any other things?


Paul Tran 0:11:45

Actually, as you mentioned that you taught me the concept of the bank account the virtual the emotional-spiritual business financial bank account like you if the more you deposit the easier it is to withdraw like if you put more money into your bank account and it earns interest you can always withdraw without any issues without feeling like that scarcity mindset right it's the same thing it's not just money but if you're adding so much value you're depositing so much help you're sending them thank-yous you're giving them referrals you're figuring out a way to help your clients win like without any expected returns. Guess what those are deposits that interest-earning deposits that the with Charles and the distributions back to you are just automatic and you don't feel like you're losing out no some think of it as just living off the interest of it you know


Dean Soto 0:12:38

I love it right so my relationship — but I relate that to everything, yeah no I totally and I only use it for my relationship and some of my business I need to do it for other things so all that being said so this is Dean Soto and Paul Tran and if you haven't subscribed to the podcast yet go to do they actually do the right thing actually you go to Apple Podcast type in Freedom In Five Minutes and subscribe that way or go to Spotify type in Freedom In Five Minutes or stitcher to type in Freedom In Five Minutes or I Heart Radio and type in Freedom In Five Minutes and you will be able to find the Freedom In Five Minutes podcast go and subscribe now so I can give you lots and lots of episodes all the time okay so...


Paul Tran 0:13:28

without any expectation return


Dean Soto 0:13:31

Exactly. Exactly but until then Paul and I will see you on the next freedom in five minutes podcast episode